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  • Is AEW Properly Building Stars Outside The Ring

    In recent years, All Elite Wrestling has become the talk of professional wrestling. More commonly, a few AEW stars have made their way outside the bubble. One of the biggest names that comes to mind is Jade Cargill. From an undefeated streak to losing the TBS Championship, Jade Cargill remains the staple to many AEW fans. Recently, Jade Cargill has been on everyone's mind. After returning to AEW, social media can not stop talking about one of AEW's biggest stars to date. Reports state that rumors are speculating a possible exit from AEW. In addition, rumors suggest that Jade Cargill could be heading to WWE. If true, this could be a heavy hit to AEW. Her look alone would make someone stop and watch. Cargill has an undeniable presence. Even without a wrestling background, Cargill's booking allows her dominance to be displayed properly to a wider audience outside of wrestling. Homegrown talent can give the brand more prestige and help on the marketing side of things. As the company continues to grow, building talent to star level is something a few fans deemed to be overlooked. Is Jade Cargill the only star being built in AEW? I would like to say no. Ricky Starks is definitely on the pathway to stardom. The look. The moves. More importantly, the charisma. Ricky Starks is becoming quite the household name. It is fair to say that Mr. Ricky is forming into something many can not deny. The star power oozes out of him with every promo and match. From his recent feud with CM Punk and now Bryan Danielson, Starks is moving up the ranks. Toni Storm may not be a homegrown AEW talent, however, her new character is bringing nothing but star power. In recent interviews, fans have gotten to see a different side of the former AEW Women's World Champion. If given the opportunity, Toni Storm can easily become one of the biggest stars in company history. This character development keeps her relevant whether she is champion or in the championship picture. Her Marilyn Monroe-styled look and her attitude are starting to impress many outside fans. This is a character that can thrive and bring even more eyes to the brand. Moving forward, Toni Storm gets another shot at the championship when she faces off with Saraya at AEW Grand Slam. I am curious to see how this feud will be played as she faces her former teammate. In addition, this is a valuable time to build up stars like Toni Strom and Saraya. Now, I may be a bit biased with this next selection. However, to me, it is impossible to name outside stars of AEW and not name Dr. Britt Baker DMD. From her Penn State influence and being forefront of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Dr. Britt Baker is the one. Dr. Britt Baker DMD is the total package and can carry the brand in any style. Baker is the one you want on your team that knows the meaning of public relations. Outside of her booking, the presence she has on the mic is something anyone would pay attention to. Baker puts her city on her back and represents it in many ways, especially with her gear. Many may not like Dr. Britt Baker DMD but you can not deny her star status. AEW is definitely building stars. With that being said, it takes time.

  • WOW Superheroes: Season 1, Episode 52 Finale Recap

    Season 1 of WOW (Women of Wrestling) Superheroes was full of twists, turns, dark magic, high emotion, and dreams coming true. With their varied stories as to how they found wrestling, the audience related to the athletes' journeys that led them to find glorious purpose at the promotion founded by David McLane in 2000. After one of the most dominant stars in WOW history The Beast sustained an injury from a mystery assailant and had to relinquish the WOW World Championship, the entire roster sought to write their name in glory. In the end, Penelope Pink would rise above them all to set the tone for the rest of the season at Los Angeles Comic Con in 2022. With her alliance with WOW OG The Fabulous Lana Star, the Tulsa enforcer Vickie Lynn McCoy, and Lindsay and Laurie of Miami's Sweet Heat, Pink proceeded to run roughshod over the locker room. But there was resistance from those who wanted to stand up to the Fab 4 and take away their gold in the process. Who ultimately stepped up in the end and found victory? Get into the Championship-themed, Season One finale recap of WOW Superheroes! The WOW Journey of Princess Aussie The episode starts with WOW play-by-play commentator Stephen Dickey narrating the story of Princess Aussie and her journey through WOW. As a young lady from Darwin, Australia, she was raised by a single mother who tried to make ends meet by teaching in Indonesia. Aussie would stay behind with Aboriginal/Indigenous Australians and Indonesians who embraced her as family though she was different from them. After standing up for herself against a bully with a stick, she paid homage to her upbringing by making her entrance with the magical sticks to represent the unity her family had. But since those were taken and possessed by Siren the Voodoo Doll as a means of controlling Aussie, she realized that the fighting spirit lived within her and Aussie left the sticks behind. The WOW Journey of Penelope Pink and The Fabulous Lana Star Next up, we get a recap of the arrival of the WOW World Champion Penelope Pink. She described herself as "five foot two and full of Detroit sass." WOW icon and former champion Lana Star met Pink at a show and was intrigued by her beauty. Star made Penelope her protege and took her to Rodeo Drive to show her how beautiful people live. Lana would then take Pink to a meeting at CMG Worldwide, one of the biggest agencies in the world. When signing the contract with Mark Roesler, agent to the stars, she stated that she was "a very big deal" just like CMG Worldwide. As an athlete, Penelope's motivation is to "embarrass every girl in front of her" and she expressed (or manifested) that with her toughness, she would be the WOW World Champion. Confidence or arrogance? You be the judge. Match Replay: Princess Aussie vs. BK Rhythm from Season 1, Episode 20 This was Princess Aussie's first match after recovering from a stomach flu! She did not seem to skip a beat in this match against the brash BK Rhythm though. She was a resilient spirit. Since BK is the resident emcee of WOW, she dropped a couple of bars on Aussie stating her distrust of the Princess and her intentions to make her suffer with "kicks to her body." With WOW referee Paige Prinzivalli, the match starts with a traditional lock-up and Aussie works Rhythm down a headlock as they struggle for power. BK targeted the wrists of Aussie, but the gorgeous royal broke the hold and reversed into another headlock. Rhythm shifted her body out of the lock and tried to target Aussie's wrists again, but she slapped BK's hands away. The woman locked up again, but this time BK took advantage by utilizing her strength to push Aussie into the ropes and elbow her in the face. Aussie and Rhythm then run the ropes until Rhythm runs into a dropkick and BK escapes a pinning attempt. The emcee from New Orleans starts to play dirty by whiplashing Aussie's head and neck into the ropes and by stomping her chest in the corner of the ring. Rhythm kept the momentum going by kicking her chest and back. Aussie tried to fight back with a kick, but BK kept battling back with submissions and kicks. Princess Aussie found her second wind with a series of clotheslines and an astounding Indian death lock! After BK attempts to hit her Mic Drop finisher, Aussie breaks the full nelson pre-requisite, executes an arm drag, and hits her patented Cutter from Down Under and a frog splash for the win. Winner: Princess Aussie The WOW Rivalry Between The Tonga Twins and Miami's Sweet Heat The storied rivalry between The Tonga Twins and Miami's Sweet Heat was a vital part of this season of WOW. The WOW Tag Team Championship tournament kicked things off in a major way as some of the best women on the roster put their heads together to win the vacant silver belts. Even WOW OG Jessie Jones had a whirlwind of a time as she traded tag partners left and right! But two teams rose to the tournament finals with a very special quality. The Tonga Twins (Kaoz and Kona) and Miami's Sweet Heat (Lindsay and Laurie Carlson) are twin sisters and this was herstory in the making as there had never been two sets of twins to face off in the ring before. At first, the competition was friendly and fierce between the women, but The Fabulous Lana Star and Penelope Pink ruined an amazing match by hitting the Tongan powerhouses with mirrors! The Carlson Twins took advantage and became the WOW Tag Team Champions. Since that fateful day in November 2022, The Tonga Twins scratched and clawed their way to contender status. Miami's Sweet Heat aligned themselves with Star, Pink, and their enforcer Vickie Lynn McCoy to form The Fab 4: a team that prides themselves on glamorous living, bullying behavior, and underhanded tactics to keep their weight in gold. Match Replay: The Tonga Twins vs. Miami's Sweet Heat: Falls Count Anywhere for the WOW Tag Team Championship from Season 1, Episode 50 After their many battles over the past year, The Tonga Twins and Miami's Sweet Heat finally sought to end their war with a Falls Count Anywhere match for the coveted WOW Tag Team Championship. The pink and black team made their entrance without Lana Star to everyone's surprise, but David Mclane mentioned that she and Vickie Lynn McCoy believed that they could get the job done on their own. As the match got underway, each set of twins traded blows back and forth as Miami's Sweet Heat stood on the apron. The Tonga Twins (Kaoz and Kona) then flipped Lindsay and Laurie over the top rope and slammed them on the mat! The imposing Tonga's would then clothesline the Carlsons out of the ring. The Miami starlets would gain a second wind, however, by throwing Kaoz and Kona into the barricade. This main event was a back-and-forth affair as both tag teams sought to destroy each other! At a certain point, things even got extreme as Miami's Sweet Heat brought trash cans and steel chairs to punish The Tonga Twins! But Kaoz and Kona took the trash can lids and fought back viciously outside of the ring. It was enough to make a die-hard ECW fan happy! After Lindsay and Laurie got the upper hand with a series of double clotheslines, they tried to set Kaoz up for a mystery maneuver, but Kona beat them to the punch and saved her sister. The Tonga Twins threw Laurie over the top rope and dropped Lindsay's face into the steel chairs! As Laurie wobbled back into the ring, she met a savat kick from Kaoz and the Island sisters executed their patented Tonga Twist on the steel chairs onto Laurie for the well-earned victory! Winners and new WOW Tag Team Champions: The Tonga Twins The WOW Rivalry Between Princess Aussie and Penelope Pink As Princess Aussie was gaining her confidence back, she befriended WOW Superhero and boxing expert Kandi Krush. They shared the unique experience of being possessed and tortured by Siren the Voodoo Doll, so they both decided to look out for each other. They even vowed to assist one another in their fighting expertise. Kandi Krush would then get the opportunity of a lifetime from WOW owner David Mclane to face Penelope Pink for the WOW World Championship. After she sadly lost, the Fab 4 attacked Krush to add insult to injury. Princess Aussie fought in Kandi's defense and vowed to personally beat the Fab 4 in order to teach them a lesson and take Pink's WOW World title. As Aussie and Kandi Krush defeated Vickie Lynn McCoy and Penelope Pink in tag team action, the royal beauty gained momentum in her journey. She would then go out to defeat McCoy in singles action in order to become the number one contender for the WOW World Championship. As Princess Aussie put it: "Vickie Lynn was my glass ceiling, and Penelope Pink is my reward." Match Replay: Princess Aussie vs. Penelope Pink for the WOW World Championship from Season 1, Episode 51 After all the smoke had cleared and all the words were said, Princess Aussie was able to get her opportunity to prove that she is championship material against Penelope Pink. With The Fabulous Lana Star reeling from the loss of the WOW Tag Team titles the week before, Penelope Pink was focused and prepared to do whatever it took to keep her world title on Star's mantle. The Detroit bombshell brawled with the Princess early in the match and made various pinning combinations. Throughout the match, it was evident that Pink and Aussie studied each other in preparation for this high stakes bout. Penelope Pink was not in the mood for games as she executed a snap German suplex to Aussie through the ropes and gave her an electric chair to the ring apron. Though Penelope kept being vicious to the royal one's legs, knees and confidence, Princess Aussie remained resilient after kicking out of Pink's rope assisted pin and hitting Pink with multiple chops and a cutter from Down Under from the top rope! Aussie almost won her reward with a series of clotheslines and a superkick, but Penelope would not give up that easily. Aussie also hit an impressive STO and another cutter from Down Under, but just when it looked like the title was in her hands, Pink used her ring awareness to roll out of the ring! A devastated Aussie watched as the referee argued with The Fabulous Lana Star to distract them, and Pink used the WOW World title as a weapon to attack the courageous Princess from behind and retain her gold. But as Penelope and Lana celebrated the dirty win, the WOW fans were surprised with the return of the woman who never lost the WOW World Championship The Beast! She gave a double spear to Pink and Star and lifted the title over her head. Winner and Still WOW World Champion: Penelope Pink WOW (Women of Wrestling) Superheroes Season 2 starts this weekend on Saturday, September 16th and Sunday, September 17th! Please visit to check your local listings and watch the episodes on YouTube as well! And if you enjoy the action of WOW Superheroes, tune in to the WOW Post-Show hosted by WWT hosts Katrina Blake, Emily Mae Heller, and I, Stephanie Hardy live every Monday night! Our latest episode is posted below!

  • IMPACT1000: Traci Brooks Will Be Inducted Into Impact Hall Of Fame

    IMPACTWrestling! has made a name for itself since its inception as TNA in June 2004. In 2011, the name, TNA was charged to Impact Wrestling with the catchphrase "Where Wrestling Matters." I have been to a few Impact tapings, but Impact 1000 was the first show I've been to in a few years. Impact made its way back to New York by having two shows at the Westchester County Center. The first was on Friday, September 8, 2023, for Victory Road 2023. The next event was the very next night to celebrate 1000 Impact episodes, which was Impact 1000. Unfortunately, I couldn't make it to Victory Road, but I was there a few rows from the ring for Impact 1000. Before the episode aired, on YouTube there was a singles match between KiLynn King and Jody Threat which I was there for. Jody came into the match hot. Delivering many strong clotheslines. KiLynn, as usual, was dominant letting Jody have it, but Jody was tenacious. There were so moments, I enjoyed such as KiLynn countering a head scissors attempt. Also, when Jody did a fiving senton off of the apron and then did a Hurricanrana from the top rope. Even when it seemed to be going KiLynn’s way, Jody fought back and used the crowd’s chants to rally behind her. Jody would win this match by doing a German suplex. However, KiLynn’s foot was on the rope, so I don’t know how that will play out in the future. There was an in-ring segment where IMPACT Wrestling President Scott D’Amore came to the ring and recalled Team Canada’s debut in the first episode. He also said that the upcoming shows will celebrate IMPACT’s history, present, and future and introduced Gail Kim who put over the Knockouts. One of the things that Gail said that stood out to me was "The Knockouts has always been about raising the bar. They've always been about showing what they go, and not just talking." It was so good to see Gail Kim in the ring again. Gail shows footage of some of the greatest moments in Knockouts' history. She was interrupted by The Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky). Angelina and Velvet question the validity of the video package as they weren’t in it. They throw more insults around and Gail welcomes them back sarcastically, saying they can do what they do best – be rude and obnoxious. Gisele Shaw would come out accompanied by Jai Vidal and Savannah Evans. Gisele said she wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for the Beautiful People, but also said that she is an improved version of them. Velvet asked who was so great from their generation, and Jordynne Grace came out. Jordynne corrects them by saying Gisele is from her generation. She mentions ODB, Gail, Traci, and Tara as some of the greats, but said the constants were annoying b****es. Deonna comes out and says she started her own generation when she defeated Jordynne for the Knockouts World Title. Trinity would come out, and it was so good to see how much everyone cheered her on there. She says she is currently on top as the current Knockout Champion. She also thanks all of them for paving the way for her. Deonna told Trinity to see her when she gets three reigns. Gail countered Deonna by saying to find her when she gets seven. Awesome King and Raisha Saeed would come out and they are then interrupted by Tasha who has been gone for a bit. She said she was part of Generation Flava and that history can’t be talked about without her. Right after that, Mickie came out and again the crowd erupted. It was also great to see. Mickie says that she didn’t need to mention her accolades and that she will also be the last member of this 10-knockouts match. She says her team is Team Over and that the Knockouts match will be “the greatest fight in Knockouts history.” This would lead to 10 ladies making their teams for the 10 women Knockout Tag Team match. Gisele with Angelina Love, Savannah Evans, Deonna Purazzo, and Tasha Steelz. Mickie James rounded out the other team featuring, Gail, Awesome King, Jordynne Grace, and Knockout’s Champion, Trinity. Traci Brooks & Frankie Kazarian vs. Alisha & Eddie Edwards There was then a mixed tag match between Frankie Kazarian & Traci Brooks vs. Eddie Edwards & Alisha Edwards The rivalry between the husband and wife duos has reached its breaking point. Alisha slaps Traci right away. Traci responds by hitting Alisha with a series of strikes. Frankie flips Eddie out of the ring onto the floor, but using a slingshot hurricanrana. Alisha and Traci’s fighting also spills outside of the ring. Once back in, Alisha kicks Traci and then tags out of the match. Eddie would grab Traci by the hair and she would slap him. Using this, she crawls under his legs and tags out, Frankie gets good offense in, but Traci kicks him in the back. This allowed Eddie to do his Blue Thunder Bomb. Frankie is able to do a backstabber. Just as he was going in to tag Traci, Alisha knocked her off the apron. Frankie would suplex Alisha and Traci would come into spearing Alisha. Eddie tries to do a Backpack Stunner on her, but she counters this by raking his eyes. Traci hits the X Factor on Eddie and then Frankie does a running knee. Traci would then do a Fade to Black to pin Alisha and win. This was a solid match. Had some of the people in the crowd really riled up. After the match, Frankie will take the mic and show a video package. It was then revealed that Traci Brooks would be inducted in this year’s class of the IMPACT Hall of Fame. Traci is the original Knockout. She is joined by her son and cries in the ring. It was a very touching moment. She will be joining Don West and Mike Tenay. This will take place at Bound for Glory in Chicago. Other Match Results: Feast or Fried Match Winners: Chris Bey, Crazzy Steve, Yuya Uemura & Moose Team 3D vs. Desi Hit Squad Winner: Team 3D X-Division Championship: Lio Rush (c) vs. Chris Sabin Winner: And New X- Division Champion- Chris Sabin

  • Joshi vs. Joshi: Asuka & IYO SKY Set for Championship Bout

    At this past episode of Smackdown, the team of Shotzi and Charlotte scored a victory over Damage CTRL's Bayley and WWE Women's Champion IYO SKY to open the show. Chaos erupted as soon as the bell rang with all four competitors exchanging strikes in the ring ending with IYO delivering a springboard Asai moonsault to ringside. Though Bayley was in control of the offense against Shotzi for majority of the match, the ballsy Shotzi would secure the hot tag for Charlotte to take control. It would not be long, however, before Damage CTRL capitalized on an opportunity to gain the upper hand. But as Bayley was about to deliver a Diving Elbow Drop for the finish, former Women's Champion Asuka appeared ringside to steal IYO's championship belt held by Dakota to distract the team. Flair and Shotzi then took advantage of the distracted Damage CTRL with Shotzi delivering a modified DDT to Bayley for the pinfall finish. After the match, Asuka taunted IYO SKY with the latter's championship belt insinuating that she wanted a shot at her title somewhere down the line. The championship match between the two was then announced for the September 22nd episode of Friday Night Smackdown later on that night. This marks WWE's first singles joshi match in the modern era. Writer's Thoughts: The tag match was fantastic, and I'm glad that 1) Shotzi scored yet another victory over Bayley, and 2) Charlotte focused on uplifting Shotzi throughout the match! This leaves room for Asuka and IYO to finally meet one-on-one in the ring leaving the WWE Universe in anticipation for their championship battle. I'm personally stoked to see how the Western audience would react to a singles bout of purely Japanese wrestlers given their wrestling styles. With Asuka and IYO being two of the best wrestlers in the world, I look forward to how WWE sets up the storyline for this match. For further coverage on this episode of Friday Night Smackdown, be sure to check out Women's Wrestling Talk's official Smackdown Post-Show Live Stream below!

  • Total Divas Recap S1E13 "Get That Chingle Chingle"

    Previously on Total Divas: Nikki spent the entire episode complaining about John Cena’s cohabitation agreement, but then just ended up signing it as long as he kissed her like 20 times a day. Brie was upset because Bryan is super busy with WWE now that he’s a champion, but she ended up apologizing by the end of the episode. Ariane and Vinny gave way too many details about their sex life, and Nattie got mad at TJ for training Eva Marie even though being a coach/trainer is literally his job. It was definitely a filler episode, and, unfortunately, it seems to be the same for this week. This week opens up with the women getting ready backstage at Raw. Trinity is with Miss Sandra as they try to figure out how to fix her gear since she keeps popping out of her top. Miss Sandra has the genius idea to add a mesh covering to it which ends up being super cute. Brie Bella has a match and she explains to us that she has had to be on her own for five months due to Nikki’s injury. She’s used to wrestling as a tag team and being solo has been a huge adjustment for her and she is really excited for Nikki to come back. Eva Marie is also shown backstage talking to Miss Sandra although it was really nothing of importance. Nikki is at John Cena’s house which I guess is also technically hers, but you really question that during this episode. John Cena is trying to do too much with his injury and won’t let Nikki help him. He is trying to fix this fireplace and for some reason, to him, this is the most important task that he possibly could be doing and it must be fixed right now. Nikki grabs a cup of coffee and strangely, asks John Cena if she is allowed to sit on a chair with her coffee. Little do we know that John Cena is an absolute psychopath when it comes to his house which we will discover later on. Surprisingly, he allows her to sit on a chair and drink coffee. Nikki starts talking about how she wants to add warmth to the house such as having some candles and personal photos on the wall rather than having the place look like an upscale hotel or museum. John Cena basically ignores her this entire conversation because he is too worried about that damn fireplace. Later on, Nikki and John Cena go out to eat (because OF COURSE they do) and John Cena is talking about how he misses being in the ring and being on the road. Nikki brings up the fact that she likes how they both have been able to be at the house together and spend a lot of time with each other and also brings up re-decorating the house again. She brings up the candles again (the girl loves her candles and I don’t blame her) and John Cena says that he has, and I quote, “a weird fire hazard thing”. The man literally has an entire fireplace in his house (that doesn’t work apparently) and he is worried about candles?? Make it make sense. An entire fireplace that has a huge open flame isn’t a fire hazard, but some candles are. Interesting. Nikki mentions that she feels like a guest in John Cena’s house even though it is supposed to be her house too. Ariane is in a recording studio because she has a song coming out called “Bye Bye”. I don’t think it was ever made aware to anyone on the show that she sings/raps, but here we are. Vinny is also there and is just kind of standing around like he usually does. Ariane records the song and keeps saying that everything about it is “the bomb dot com”. I’m dead serious, She keeps repeating this phrase through the entire episode and personally, I am not a fan. Anyway, for some reason, Ariane decides to give Vinny a headscissors in the middle of the tiny recording studio. They start to wrestle and the producers have Jon Uso-level looks on their faces. They are clearly confused and ready for both of them to leave. Ariane asks one of the producers if she can wrestle him and he politely declines. In the car on the way home, Ariane is talking about how bomb dot com that song was and starts telling Vinny that she wants him to do something that he is passionate about as well in order to “get that chingle chingle”. She also says that she wants him to have some sort of brand. Vinny brings up that he plans to open a hookah business and Ariane argues that he could do more. She says that she wants him to try out for NXT. You can clearly tell he isn’t a huge fan of this idea but tells her that if the opportunity comes up, he’ll take it. This should go well. My favorite couple, Trin and Jon Uso, are in the car when Trin’s dad calls. He tells her that he and his band will be in town and he was wondering if he could stay at her and Jon Uso’s place even though it is a one-bedroom apartment. Trin tells him that he is always welcome to stay with them and Jon Uso isn’t thrilled but keeps his mouth shut. A little while later, Jon Uso and Trin are at their apartment and her dad arrives. Trin explains that her dad is a touring musician and wasn’t around a whole lot when she was growing up since he was always traveling. Because of this, she takes any opportunity she can to hang out with him and will always let him stay with her when he needs to since she loves to catch up and spend time with him. Ariane and Vinny are at the park with her dog, Glitty, and for some reason, they are racing each other. Ariane smokes Vinny and it isn’t even close. While they are there, Bill DeMott, one of the head trainers at the Performance Center at the time (who has since been fired), calls Ariane and tells her that Vinny can come in for a pre-audition for NXT. Just from his facial expressions, Vinny is clearly nervous but tells Ariane that he’s got it and he’s going to do well for her. Back at John Cena’s house, Nikki just got back from a workout. She is going to go shower and throw her workout clothes into a laundry hamper. Seems simple, right? Oh no, John Cena makes you believe that she just committed a terrible sin. John Cena comes and explains that the hamper on the left is for smelly clothes such as workout clothes, while the hamper on the right is for “normal” clothes. Nikki just has a stunned look on her face and I honestly agree. What is the difference? Aren’t they all getting washed anyway? I could see having a separate hamper for light clothes and dark clothes, but why are you basing it on smell? I mean, just be glad she is putting them in a hamper at all and isn’t just leaving them all over the floor. John Cena definitely has some OCD and it’s only going to get worse as the episode goes on. In fact, I believe this episode was the inspiration behind Miz and Maryse’s famous “John Cena House Rules” skit from years ago. Vinny and Ariane arrive at the Performance Center for the first day of his pre-audition. He is nervous but also seems excited to get into the ring. Bill DeMott is the only person in the entire Performance Center and will be “working” with Vinny which means he will be yelling at him the entire time. Bill has him begin some workout routines and Vinny is clearly struggling almost immediately. Bill is showing no mercy and is keeping up with his counts whether Vinny is off the mat or not. Vinny takes a lot of back bumps and can’t get back to his feet in the time that Bill gives him. Ariane tells us that Vinny is a really big weight-lifting guy, but that cardio really isn’t his thing which honestly she should have taken into account when getting him this pre-audition. She’s been through this, she knows what it’s like and it seems as though she didn’t prepare the poor man at all. At one point, Vinny just lays in the ring and seemingly gives up. Bill tells him that WWE is no joke and he really needs to go back and think about if this is what he truly wants and if he is able to do this. Ariane and Vinny leave the Performance Center and in a truly disgusting scene, Vinny throws up outside while Ariane repeatedly tells him that he can do this and it’ll all be okay after the first couple of days. At their hotel, Vinny shows Ariane how bruised his back is how he doesn’t know if he wants to do this, and that he doesn’t think this is for him. Ariane basically ignores him and his feelings and tells him he has to suck it up and that he’ll get through it. She also starts poking the bruises on his back and if I were him, I’d probably freak out at her, but he is remaining surprisingly calm. In a change of pace, Nikki decides to surprise John Cena with a home-cooked meal, so she goes grocery shopping to get the supplies since John Cena has no food in his house. She also decided that she was going to stock his fridge assuming that he would be super excited about actually having food in his house. Later in the day, she cooks what looks like a delicious meal to surprise John Cena with. When he gets home, he is stunned that they are not going out to eat like he had thought. Honestly, me too John Cena because this whole show revolves around people eating at restaurants and we have not had one restaurant scene this entire episode yet and it’s ruining the vibe. John Cena is upset that there are things on his countertop because it will ruin the marble. Yeah Nikki, why would you put things on top of a counter? What do you think the counter is there for? To just set things on while you cook? Be real. John Cena tells her that he hopes this is a one-time surprise and Nikki is clearly annoyed at him for acting like this after she put in all this work. Oh, but it gets worse. Nikki starts to wash dishes and John Cena is concerned that she got water on the floor while she was doing dishes because the water will warp the floor. Yeah, Nikki, don’t you dare get a single drop of water on the floor, What are you thinking? Nikki then decides to load up the dishwasher and John Cena interrogates her on when she is going to run it. Nikki is fuming and says she hates living in a museum and hates living by John Cena’s House Rules. Well, how dare you use the kitchen for its intended purpose, Nikki? Putting things on the counter and getting water on the floor??? Get it together, the kitchen is just something to look at while you slowly walk to the living room so you don’t scuff the floor by walking too fast. John Cena decides to go to the gym to hang out with his friend and trainer, Rob. One would assume that John Cena would come to the gym to work out, but you would be mistaken. Both of them decide to play chess. Because who wouldn’t go to the gym and play chess? I wonder if they hold entire tournaments here or if the chess is exclusive to John Cena and Rob. John Cena explains how Nikki keeps screwing up his house and is going to warp the floor and ruin the marble and how she is doing all of these other terrible, horrible things. Rob tells him that everything she is doing actually seems like nice gestures and he is just upset about it because she is not doing things HIS way. He also says that if John Cena wants everything done his way all the time he should just never talk to anybody ever again. John Cena seems to get some clarity and later on, decides to surprise Nikki with some flowers and some candles. John Cena apologizes and tells her that she’s been right this whole time and it is her house too so they should also decorate the house the way she likes. Nikki asks if she can make dinner and he agrees but I know inside his head he’s worried about the stove being a fire hazard and also won’t be able to stop looking at the candles. I wonder if he ever got the fireplace repaired. Trin and Jon Uso are having a slumber party in the living room of their one-bedroom apartment since Trin’s dad is currently sleeping in their bed. It is the middle of the night and her dad gets up to make some sandwiches. And I’m not talking just a simple PB&J, I’m talking full-on, multiple-layer sandwiches. I wanted one immediately. He offers Jon Uso a sandwich, but he says no because he is clearly annoyed at having to sleep in the living room of his own apartment. Trin is super excited about her sandwich at least. Later on, the couple are backstage at Raw and Trin tells Jon Uso that her dad is going to have some food ready for them that night when they get home. Jon Uso isn’t happy that her dad will still be there when they get back and wants her to tell him that he has to leave. Trinity refuses to tell him to leave and says she is not going to have him sleep in a hotel when she has an apartment that he can stay in. Jon Uso repeatedly says that he isn’t happy just having her dad chill there. I honestly understand it. Three people in a one-bedroom apartment is way too many and I wouldn’t just want someone hanging at my apartment either when I just want to go home and relax. Nothing gets resolved in this conversation and it seems as though Jon Uso is just going to have to suck it up. Ariane and Vinny are at the Performance Center for the second day of his pre-audition. Bill DeMott has Ariane show Vinny how to hit the ropes. Vinny is struggling again and can’t keep the pace that Bill wants. Bill is not at all impressed and tells Vinny to go on a two-minute water break and tells Ariane to have a talk with him and give him some motivation. After the break, Bill has Vinny put on a helmet as they practice working on bumps. Bill hits him and Vinny goes down and can’t catch his breath to get back up. Bill has Vinny take off the helmet and decides to have a chat with him. Bill explains how this pre-audition was nothing and is just a sliver of what wrestlers go through each day during training. He also says that the WWE is not the place for Vinny to learn how to be a wrestler. Vinny and Ariane leave the building and Vinny has an entire breakdown in the parking lot. He is embarrassed that he failed and is mad at himself for listening to Ariane and putting himself in this situation just because she wanted him to have her same dream. Ariane feels bad about it and Vinny continues to cry in the parking lot. I get it though; it was clear this entire time that it was Ariane’s dream for him to do this and he really wanted nothing to do with it. Later on, we FINALLY get a restaurant scene when Ariane and Vinny go out to a nice dinner. Ariane tells us that she wanted to take Vinny out to dinner as an apology for making him do the NXT audition. Vinny tells her that he talked to a real estate agent about looking at some properties for his hookah bar. He says that if it does happen, he is willing to quit his job and devote all of his time to getting this bar up and running. Ariane tells him that she will support him every step away and is happy to support him in his dreams, rather than making him live out her dreams for him. There was never really a big argument about the situation which I am honestly shocked at and they resolved everything surprisingly well. I can’t believe we almost got through this entire episode without somebody going out to eat. Nikki Bella almost ruined it for all of us by insisting on cooking in John Cena’s kitchen and ruining the entire kitchen in the process. For some reason, we get a very quick Eva Marie scene even though she has zero storyline in this episode. Mark Carrano comes up to her backstage and tells her that they are going to scan her for her first action figure. Nattie sees her being scanned since she is next up and she is shocked that Eva is getting a figure when she is still so new. She continues to say that this still doesn’t mean that people will take her seriously until she actually starts wrestling. Eva tells everybody in the room that she wants her figure to have big boobs and a small waist because the bigger the boobs are, the more sales they will get. Everybody just kind of looks at her and tries to ignore her. And that’s literally all we hear about this the entire episode. It is finally time for Trin’s dad to have his show with his band. She invites Nattie to the show to third-wheel her and Jon Uso. Jon Uso starts telling Nattie about how Trin’s dad has been in the apartment for far too long and it gets really crowded since it’s a small apartment. Trin sees where Jon Uso is coming from and tells Trin that she should respect his wishes and have her dad leave. Trin refuses once again saying that she is not going to kick her dad out. The show happens and everyone seems to be having a good time Trin even gets on stage with her dad and sings a few songs. Jon Uso wants to go home after the show since he has to wake up early in the morning, so Trin takes this opportunity to invite her dad and his band to her apartment for an after-party. In a one-bedroom apartment. Jon Uso is upset with this idea as he should be, and says that he doesn’t want all of these people in his apartment when he has to get up early. Trin just sort of brushes him off and tells him that it’s fine. At the apartment, Trin’s dad and like a million other people show up to start partying. They set up a speaker and have the music super loud and now I’m not only feeling bad for Jon Uso, but also feeling bad for all their neighbors. Are there no quiet hours in this building? Jon Uso is super annoyed and wants to shut the whole party down so Trin talks with him out in the hallway about it. Trin repeatedly says she never gets to see her dad or any of his friends, so she wants them to stay even though she knows Jon Uso has to be up early and would enjoy just relaxing in his apartment. Jon Uso says she either has to kick everybody out or else he is leaving and going to a hotel that night. Trin once again refuses to kick any of them out, so Jon Uso leaves and she acts shocked even though that is exactly what he said he was going to do. She is upset that he leaves and isn’t enjoying the party with everyone else. The next day (I’m assuming), Trin and her dad take a walk on the pier together. Her dad asks about her and Jon Uso and Trin tells him that they’ve been fighting because of him staying there. Trin basically tells her dad that he has to leave since she doesn’t want to fight with Jon Uso anymore and it really isn’t fair since it’s also his apartment. Trin’s dad jokes with her about getting kicked out but seems to be really understanding about it because he doesn’t want to be the reason why they are fighting. They hug and that’s the end of the episode. It ended really abruptly and are left hanging on whether Trin or Jon Uso resolved their issues. NEXT WEEK: S1E14 “Saying Goodbye”. I’m not sure who we will be saying goodbye to in this episode, but I have a feeling it’s going to be something sad and I’m not sure if I’m ready for that.


    NXT – Sept 5 Kiana James v Tiffany Stratton - NXT Women's Championship Tiffany knees Kiana's midsection, she bounces off the ropes for a leapfrog then a cartwheel to land on her feet. Kiana goes for a clothesline, but Tiffany does her matrix move to avoid it. Tiffany goes for Kiana's arm; Kiana works for an impressive reversal. Kiana has Tiffany's arm and just like Kiana, Tiffany goes for very unique reversal. Tiffany leans by the ropes causing the referee to have Kiana break it up, Tiffany uses the middle ropes as leverage to pin Kiana, the referee notices and stop the count. Kiana takes the opportunity to roll up Tiffany, using her gear as leverage which the referee notices too, he doesn't begin to count. Tiffany hits Kiana from behind, bounces off the ropes for the double knees to Kiana's back. Tiffany takes to kick Kiana in a corner several times, she goes to do it again, but Kiana reverses it, hitting Tiffany's face on the turnbuckle. Kiana goes for should tackles and a close clothesline. She knees Tiffany in the back, has her in place for a submission that Tiffany reverses it into a submission of her own. Kiana is able to reverse it, she holds on to the ropes as Kiana lands on her feet. Kiana goes for clotheslines; Tiffany gets closer to the ropes to have the referee separate Kiana from her. Tiffany takes advantage of it, throws Kiana to a corner, does her cartwheel elbow, when she goes for the stomp, Kiana has it scouted and pins Tiffany instead. Tiffany goes for a pin too, Kiana is able to do a bridge to break it, Tiffany throws Kiana towards the ropes, they both back to hit each other at the same time. Tiffany goes towards Kiana's bag; she kicks Kiana away from her. Tiffany goes to use the bag, she misses it, Kiana goes for her finisher to pin Tiffany, Tiffany rakes Kiana's eyes then goes for finisher and victory. The Man Becky Lynch showed up on the screen following the contest. She discussed her next goal, which is to win the one championship she hasn't yet. Next week's main event featured Lynch challenging Stratton for the NXT Women's Championship. Astrid’s Point It was refreshing to see the championship match opening the show, I did enjoy the dynamic between them, the reversals, the cheating one after the other and Tiffany being able to take advantage of it. I truly loved seeing Becky to announce the championship match for next week plus main evening the show. I am so excited for this match to happen and hopefully Becky works with a few of the ladies to help them grow. Thea Hail (with Jacy Jayne) v Gigi Dolin Earlier tonight, Jacy and Thea were backstage, Thea is excited for Becky's arrival next week. Thea has a new look; Jacy is telling her to look at herself in the mirror. This caused Gigi Dolin to speak briefly backstage, and Blair Davenport entered to add a few words of her own. Later that evening, Dolin would face off against Hail. Thea has a new attire; Jacy is instructing her to drop the megaphone and not to do the Chase U pose she usually does for her entrance. They begin with arm drags, Thea has Gigi on the mat, kneeing her arm. Thea has a submission; Gigi reverses it into a headlock. They begin for a leapfrog sequence; Thea stops Gigi who reverses it with a crucifix pin. Thea bounces off the ropes for a head scissors, Gigi runs the ropes to hit Thea with a hip thrust. Gigi runs the ropes again to hit Thea with a double stomp, but Thea had moved. Thea drops Gigi, runs to a corner after her, Gigi catches her. Thea elbows Gigi who kicks Thea three times. They are reversing each other's move, Gigi runs to the ropes, Thea swings around Gigi's body and settles for a Kimura lock. Gigi holds on, reaching for the bottom rope, she reaches the bottom rope and takes herself outside. Thea goes after her with another Kimura lock. Gigi throws Thea to the steel post, Gigi takes her down, pulls her inside the ring. Blair arrives with an assist, Thea returns to the Kimura lock, Gigi taps. Jacy celebrates with Gigi as Blair mocks Gigi for the loss. Astrid’s Point I like how we are already seeing changes in Thea's attire and wardrobe due to Jacy's influence; it was so weird to see Gigi losing the way she did due to Blair's interference. I would like to see what other changes we get from Thea's character due to Jacy. I can't wait to see Blair v Gigi one on one as I liked their chemistry during the number one contender match last week. Roxanne Perez, Kiana James Segment In the women's locker room, Roxanne Perez and Lyra Valkyria are having a conversation. Kiana James arrived enraged following her defeat by Stratton at the beginning of the show. This resulted in James and Perez fighting. Astrid’s Point After the number one contender's match, I had a feeling we would get a mix between those ladies as per earlier, we are seeing Gigi v Blair and Roxanne v Kiana. This would get an opportunity for Kiana to learn from Roxanne's experience too. Kelani Jordan & Lyra Valkyria Segment Later, Kelani Jordan and Valkyria were seen conversing. Jordan was upset about losing to Dana Brooke the previous week. When Brooke showed up, she commanded Valkyria to stop inflicting negative thoughts on Jordan and to leave. Brooke and Valkyria have next week's schedules already. Astrid’s Point I like how Dana first is really upset about the loss last week plus now being jealous of Lyra teaching Kelani instead of her. I would like to see Kelani turn heel on Dana from the frustration she has grown on her and to see something different from Dana.

  • Saraya Spills On The Outlook Of Her Championship Reign & More

    There's been much discussion about the decision to make Saraya AEW Women's champion, and what that means for the rest of the division. Many wonder how lengthy this title reign will be, and if the champ's health will prevent her from defending the title consistently. While Saraya will certainly aim to silence her doubters, she is still basking in her big victory at Wembley. WWT CEO TK Trinidad caught up with Saraya during Starrcast weekend as they spoke about what's to come as the new AEW Women's champion. "Hopefully long and entertaining for everybody. I mean, I don't know where it's gonna go. I don't know if I'll lose it in a week's time. I don't know. But I'm just really happy that after nine years I never thought I would ever hold a championship again. I never thought I would wrestle again. And so yeah, just having that moment in Wembley in the UK where I'm from. It's just, that it was special. So I can end tomorrow and I'll be happy that I had that moment." An unforgettable moment was for Saraya, almost a year later to her AEW debut. A year the champ feels prepared her for this title run after a nine-year layoff. Saraya very well could have been shot to the top of the card but is happier with her slow and steady build-up. She aims to gain as many title reigns as she possibly can and continue building the AEW Women's division. "A year ago, I definitely was not ready. I don't think that would be very fair for anybody either if I came in straight away and won the championship straightaway. From my standpoint, considering I've been out for five-plus years and then all of a sudden I'm just like, okay, can win a championship? Yeah, it wouldn't be too fair. I liked the way it started. I liked the slow build to it. I was very fortunate that I got to go into a big storyline with Britt Baker. I mean she was and is one of the top girls of the company, first ever signing with AEW. So yeah, I was very fortunate when it came to that, but I liked that it took me a year to get it. So it gave me a little bit more of a build and a fight, fight fight for it. And there were girls in between that got the championship. I felt like yeah, now was the perfect time." The champ discussed some passion projects in her future including hosting, reality TV, and a book on the way. However, her immediate attention is on accumulating more gold. Saraya even has her eyes set on other promotions and some notable champions outside of AEW. "Oh my gosh, well WAW (World Association of Wrestling) of course, I don't know about indy promotions. But I would love to go against Trin (Trinity Fatu). I mean, maybe I carry the AEW, and then take the Impact Championship off her, and then I'll go to New Japan take that championship too and I'll carry them around. I'm like Thanos with championship belts. Bring it on" Saraya certainly sounds ready to be swimming in gold and is already campaigning with Tony Khan to add Women's Tag Team or Women's Trios titles to the division. You can watch the full interview below and give us your thoughts in the comments on what you would like to see from Saraya's AEW Women's Championship reign.

  • #IMPACTRecap Episode 999 and Victory Road Results

    Before we get to Victory Road, the chaos on the 999th episode has been the talk for days. The conversation on social media continues to show no remorse for Eddie Edwards. Ahead of her match at Victory Road, Knockouts World Champion Trinity is smashed into a table by Edwards himself. Causing quite an uproar, many take to Twitter to bash the actions of Eddie Edwards. Some fans suggest that Trinity's husband Jimmy will not be too happy about it. Before the incident, Alisha Edwards refers to Trinity's husband and jokes that there is nothing he can do about it. These two Knockouts may have only been acquainted for a brief time but it feels that this feud cuts more profound than many were expecting. In the opening match, Deonna Purrazzo defeats Dani Luna. The Virtuosa gains a win ahead of her match at Victory Road. On the other hand, Dani Luna impresses the crowd yet again and becomes someone to watch. Gisele Shaw leaves a message to MK Ultra as Savannah Evans and herself look to take those titles. Unfortunately, Shaw and Evans come up short one more time. Victory Road Results MK Ultra retain against Shaw and Evans. As hard as Shaw and Evans fought, MK Ultra seem to be unstoppable. Is there any team that can break down the bond of the champions? As Jordynne Grace returns, Deonna Purrazzo calls her out for a fifth match. Going into this match, Grace has taken four losses to Purrazzo. Now, Grace needs to prove herself against her biggest rivalry After Victory Road, let the record books show that Jordynne Grace has finally defeated Deonna Purrazzo. 1-4. The feud between these Knockouts will be one of the greatest in history. These two find themselves on opposing sides as they gear up for #IMPACT1000. With the help of her husband, Alisha Edwards is looking to make her mark in the division. Unfortunately, Victory Road is not the place for The Edwards family. Trinity accidentally knocks out referee Allison as Eddie Edwards takes advantage. This time, Trinity is greeted with the help of Traci Brooks and Frankie Kazarian. Trinity gets her revenge on Eddie Edwards, smashing him into the table. Shortly after, Trinity retains defeating Alisha Edwards. As the division continues to heat up, who will be the next opponent for Trinity?

  • Rampage Review: Tension Between Shida and Britt Baker Grows

    It's Friday night, and you know what that means? Time for another Rampage Review. This week's Rampage dishes out a triple dose of women's action as Britt Baker, Hikaru Shida, and Skye Blue team up to take on Anna Jay, The Bunny, and Taya Valkyrie. The Match As both teams make their way down to the ring, it is clear that one is more cohesive than the other. Skye Blue starts the match in complete control but is soon overtaken after The Bunny tags in Taya Valkyrie, who lands some devastating chops. The Final Girls dominate, showing some synergy, making quick tags back and forth, cutting Skye Blue from her corner. We return from the commercial to see Skye finally get the hot tag to Shida, who runs wild taking out. Skye Blue saves Shida from Falling Down the Rabbit Hole, allowing Britt to make the blind tag and nearly steals a win from The Final Girls' hands. Some slight confusion sees Britt collide with Shida, knocking her out of the ring. The Doctor manages to recover and slaps on the Lockjaw to get the submission victory for her team. They may have scored the win, but Shida leaves the ring alone, feeling slighted by Britt's actions. Final Thoughts A decent match, the trio's match continues to further the tension between Shida and Britt heading into their fatal four-way match at AEW Grand Slam in a few weeks. However, this is a superficial storyline at best, one that is probably only building as far as Grand Slam. Valkarie slotted nicely into the 'heavy hitter' role she played during the match. Honestly, it is something that I would like to see more of going forward. With the exception of Nala Rose and Jade Cargill being nowhere near TV since losing the TBS title, few people on AEW's roster are better suited to that dominant role than Taya. Those are my thoughts. But what did you think of this week's episode of Rampage? What are your thoughts on the Shida vs. Britt feud? Has it got you excited for the fatal four-way at Grand Slam? Let us know what you think. We love hearing from our readers.

  • WOW Superheroes: Season 1, Episode 51 Recap

    WOW (Women of Wrestling) Superheroes made an astounding impression on the wrestling world with their rebooted show on CBS affiliated networks in the United States and other platforms around the world. We have watched the best in women's wrestling take their skills to the purple mat and give their all. A year after WOW's reboot, the competition has gotten deeper for both the WOW World and Tag Team championships. Last week, we saw the dominant reign of Miami's Sweet Heat come to an extreme end by way of The Tonga Twins in a Falls Count Anywhere match. With The Fab 4 reeling from the Carlson Twins's loss, how will WOW World champion Penelope Pink change her game in the main event against Princess Aussie? Get into it with the WWT WOW Superheroes recap! Tormenta (w/Sophia Lopez) vs. Chantilly Chella Tormenta is an absolute force of nature as an iconic and accomplished luchadora from Guadalajara, Mexico. In this season of WOW with "The World's Greatest Attorney" Sophia Lopez, she has been in contention for the WOW World Championship and had barn burners with the likes of Princess Aussie and Jennifer Florez. This match with Chantilly Chella is no different. Being the straightforward warrior she is, Tormenta did not take too kindly to Chantilly's playful attitude and fun dance moves. But as the match progressed, Chella proved that she is to be reckoned with her high flying and kick boxing abilities. Tormenta utilized her flexibility to escape a number of Chantilly's submissions, gave a series of clotheslines and executed double knees to Chella's abdomen. But the California bred superhero gained momentum after a series of kicks, a snapmare and a dropkick from the top rope. Though Tormenta fought back by wearing Chella down with a Boston crab and a body slam, Chantilly gained the upper hand by ducking Tormenta's knees from the top rope and hit a roundhouse kick for the win! Winner: Chantilly Chella BK Rhythm, Robbie Rocket and Gigi Gianni vs. Coach Campanelli, Randi Rah Rah and Ariel Sky; Gigi Gianni vs. Randi Rah Rah This match was surprising due to the fact that BK Rhythm and Gigi Gianni had been carrying themselves well in singles competition over the past two weeks. But the idea of a six-woman tag match on WOW will always be exciting. As Gigi, BK and Robbie made their entrance with attitude, Randi Rah Rah made her entrance without her spirited team members. As she made her way to the commentary desk, WOW owner and commentator David Mclane asked Randi where Coach Campanelli and Ariel Sky were to which she stated, "I don't know. I haven't seen them." With this development, Mclane decided to turn the six-woman tag match into a singles match between Randi Rah Rah and Gigi Gianni. As the match got underway, color commentator and executive producer AJ Mendez kept teasing the idea of her helping Rah Rah which played with our emotions. Gianni tried to submit Rah Rah early by twisting on Randi's wrists, but Rah Rah used a cartwheel to maneuver out of the hold. But as she found a bit of a groove, BK Rhythm distracted Rah Rah, and Gigi took advantage by planting a second rope face buster on to the cheerleading coach from Florida. Randi's confidence was broken as she continued to look for Coach Campanelli and Ariel Sky. Gianni added insult to injury by choking Rah Rah with her legs and the second rope before hitting her patented swinging sidewalk slam to end the match. Winner: Gigi Gianni; Still no answer on the whereabouts of Coach Campanelli and Ariel Sky The Mother Truckers (Big Rig Betty & Holly Swag) vs. Las Bandidas (Sylvia Sanchez & Vivian Rivera) w/Sophia Lopez A recap of the Mother Truckers' saga with "The World's Greatest Attorney" is shown as Lopez was responsible for bailing them out of jail after assaulting a man who had taken their precious Big Rig. Sophia told them that they would "owe her" something in return of her services. This match is the manifestation of that promise. Sophia came out with her tag team clients and the Los Angeles Police Department stating that if Betty and Holly do not lay down for the quick Las Bandidas victory, they would be arrested again. Just when it looked like Big Rig Betty was about to eat the pin for Vivian Rivera, her daughter Holly Swag kicks Vivian to break the count! Swag executes an impressive hurricarana that threw Rivera out of the ring and led to both teams brawling outside. Sylvia Sanchez rained down clubbing blows to the Mother Truckers. As the action found its way back to the ring, Vivian and Sylvia isolated Big Rig Betty, and tried to submit her on multiple occasions, but her daughter Holly got the hot tag. Swag comes in hot with a savate kick and a clothesline to gain the victory for her and her mother. The celebration was short lived as Holly and Big Rig Betty were handcuffed. Free The Mother Truckers! Winners: The Mother Truckers Princess Aussie vs. Penelope Pink (w/The Fabulous Lana Star) for the WOW World Championship A rivalry that stemmed from Penelope Pink and The Fab 4 bullying Kandi Krush, Princess Aussie stepped up to become the next contender for the WOW World Championship. As Penelope Pink made her entrance with mentor and WOW original Lana Star, her confidence did not seem shaken. Star was wearing black as she mourned the loss of the WOW Tag team titles, but Pink was locked in. Penelope immediately started a brawl with Aussie before the bell rang, and both women used pinning combinations to no avail. Pink then proceeded to attack Aussie by snapping her head into the mat and rocking her opponent with an electric chair maneuver on the apron. Penelope continued her vicious crusade by stretching and bending Aussie's legs across the ring posts. It was an intelligent strategy as Princess Aussie's strength comes from her high-flying offense. Aussie shifted the momentum with chops to Pink's chest and a gorgeous cutter from down under from the top rope with a near fall. She even hit a reverse STO and another cutter from down under before Penelope Pink rolled out of the ring. The Fab 4's dastardly deeds took over as Lana Star distracted the referee to give Penelope the opening to use her WOW World title as a weapon against the Princess. After a hard-fought match, Pink retained her championship and celebrated with The Fabulous Lana Star before being interrupted by the return of The Beast! How will this pop off in Season Two? Winner: Penelope Pink For more coverage of WOW Superheroes, check out the Women's Wrestling Talk WOW Post-Show, hosted by WWT hosts Katrina Blake, Emily Mae Heller and I, Stephanie Hardy.

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