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AEW Rampage Review: Riho Steals A Win Over Nyla Rose

It’s Friday night, and you know what that means. Time for another AEW Rampage Review. This week it’s the rubber match in a feud that started on the debut of AEW Dynamite as The Native Beat Nyla Rose takes on Riho. 

The Build 

A brief promo video highlights the history between Riho and Nyla. Starting at the inaugural episode of Dynamite, where Riho shocked everyone to become the first ever AEW Women’s Champion. A few months later, Nyla returned the favor, defeating Riho to become the second AEW Women’s Champion. This neatly brings us too tonight. 

Though short, the promo video goes a long way to show the importance of their rivalry, not just to the women involved but to AEW as a whole.

The history between these women continues throughout. The commentary booth refers to their past matches and Nyla losing in her hometown. Again, adding another dimension to the match.   

While Riho and Nyla may not have a complete programmed or feud, these little touches make this match feel more important. With a backstory and history, there is a sense of importance, making AEW feel like a fluid show with a past and present that they are unafraid to reference.      

The Match 

Like their previous two encounters, this Nyla vs Riho match played into the little vs large dynamic. The story throughout the match is Riho trying to build enough momentum to lift Nyla. The two starts with a good back and forth, with both women unable to gain complete control. That is until some interference by Marina Shafir allows Nala to gain control.  

There were a few awkward moments as both wrestlers seemed out of place. However, both women rallied as they headed into the finish. Riho gains momentum hitting a diving hurricanrana into a top-rope double foot stomp. Only to have it snuffed out when Nyla responds with a powerslam. There are a few near falls with both women hitting their signature moves. The guillotine knee drop, which earned Nyla the title in her last match, was not enough to put Riho away this time. 

 After a missed senton bomb Riho finally rallies and hits the northern lights suplex she had been trying for the entire match. Despite some interference again from Marina Shafir, Riho manages to sneak a surprise win, scoring a roll-up for the victory. Leaving an opening for another match somewhere down the road if needed.  

Final Thoughts 

Overall, although the match was not as intense or well executed as their previous encounters, it was a solid match for the main event of Rampage. There was a strong story to the match, which was bolstered by the pre-match promo as well as the commentary team. While the match played off the themes, we have seen in previous matches between Nyla and Riho, the big vs small dynamic worked. A decent match that leaves space for the Nyla vs Riho saga to continue. 

But those are my thoughts. But what do you think? What did you think of this Rampage review? Let us know. We always love hearing from you. 


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