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Alexa Bliss & Asuka Win Women’s Tag Team Titles On Raw

In the Raw main event on Halloween night, a new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions are crown.

This week’s episode of Raw from October 31 initiate and conclude with women. The show began with a non-title match between the emerging unstable Nikki Cross and the Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair. Last week, Cross reverted to her previous gimmick and, ostensibly, alienated everyone.

As Cross was already facing the champion, this proved to be her undoing. Dakota Kai and IYO SKY were becoming involved in the match, exacerbating a distraction and compelling Cross to move them out of her path. Due to the diversion, Belair was able to execute a KOD and earn the victory.

As the entirety of Damage CTRL attacked Belair in the ring, Asuka and Alexa Bliss returned to the ring. For the past few weeks, Asuka and Bliss, who are supporting Belair ever since Damage CTRL creates, have been laid out and placed “on the shelf.” They are now back and have once again helped to balance the odds.

In a backstage segment after the match, Bliss and Asuka challenged SKY and Kai to a tag team match later in the night for the gold. In the end, the match was scheduled and received enough time during the main event.

Damage CTRL observe speaking with Cross backstage ahead of the main event. A fascinating turn of events, given that Cross made enemies with everybody a week ago and earlier in the evening. Cross did not reappear in this week’s episode, regardless of the fact that Bayley was shown speaking with Cross.

The main event gave the four women ample time to perform. Bayley grew concerned that Kai and SKY would not be able to win the gold at one point during the match. After Bayley attempted to intervene, Belair rushed over to her and delivered a cross body that brought them both to the timekeeper’s area. As the fight raged on, both women were driven through the tables that had been set up by Bayley’s Bayley to Belly, which she delivered while perched atop the nearby piece of equipment.

This previews their Last Woman Standing Match for the Raw Women’s Title at Crown Jewel on Saturday.

With Bayley and Belair no longer able to contribute to their respective teams, the match is now locked. Alexa Bliss and Asuka are crown champions following a chaotic match in which they scatter throughout the ringside area. SKY sought to retain the gold by performing a moonsault on Asuka, however, The Empress avoided the move. Asuka delivered a roundhouse kick to SKY and tags in Bliss. Bliss would lead her team to victory with Twisted Bliss on SKY. With this, Damage CTRL’s 47-day reign comes to an end.

Bliss and Asuka are now three-time WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions after this victory. Asuka has previously won the championship once with Charlotte Flair and twice with The Kabuki Warriors, while Bliss previously held the title twice with Nikki Cross.

This week, Rhea Ripley continued to serve as The Judgment Day’s secret weapon. Together with the other members of the faction, she and they obliterated The OC and AJ Styles. Commentary continues to raise the question of who could implement to combat Ripley’s dominance and level the playing field.

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