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Alexis Littlefoot Plans To Be The Cardi B Of Wrestling

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Over the years, professional wrestling has seen the progression of black women and more areas of inclusion. From WWE to AEW, IMPACT! Wrestling and NJPW, black women become the face of every company. Bianca Belair, Trinity, Jade Cargill, Willow Nightingale, Mercedes Moné. That is just to name a few.

Black women change the game as they bet on themselves and enter a different world of representation. Their stories captivate the lives of many fans and encourage others to step into the ring.

Alexis Littlefoot continues to show her talents all over Kentucky and its sister states. From birth, she is a star and knows she can rule the world. Now, her dreams lead to the ring and Alexis Littlefoot wants her name in lights.

I sit down with her to discuss her inspirations and we dive into the world of female rap.

I always said that I wanted to be like, a Cardi B of wrestling like everybody loves Cardi B - her personality. She's real she's down to earth. But when she hits you with that rap shit, she's on it, like she got the bar, she got the flow to go with it. And dudes rock with her, the girls rock with her, I just want to be somebody that my people see me and they know, they know what’s up. It's not a character 24/7. It's just really the things that I like and myself.

Alongside Cardi B, Westside Gunn is credited for being a big part of Alexis Littlefoot.

Westside Gunn is one. I mean, he paid for the back half of my wrestling training. That was a big moment for me. I had like 500 dollars left on my wrestling training tuition. And I tweeted it like because you know, I sold merch, like, I would make like bootleg WWE shirts, and I was just hustling, like, ‘shop the website I got 500 dollars left to pay to finish paying for my wrestling school’ and all of a sudden I hear the Cash App coins drop on my phone. I’m like ‘Who just Cash App me?’ and pops up ‘Westside Gunn sent you $500.’ I was like, ‘Whoa!” Westside - He really cares about this.

Lastly, she closes by sharing her feelings.

He's been a longtime fan of wrestling and I'm so blessed to have him as a mentor. So blessed to just know him as a person outside of rap or wrestling. So that's number one.

The worlds of professional wrestling and hip-hop have always shared a connection. From now with Westside Gunn and WaleMania, to Snoop Dogg and even Cardi B's feud with former WWE Superstar Lacey Evans, the influence will never stop. Added to the list with Cardi B, Littlefoot names Megan The Stallion and The City Girls as big inspirations.

In the world of professional wrestling, your character can make or break your career. Represenation and the need to reinvent yourself becomes a heavy desire. For some, this is what keeps you on the top.

Within any sport, you want to win the big one. Over the months, Alexis Littlefoot is shown in different promotions including Derby City Wrestling, and gains championships along the way. In addition, she is a former Warrior Pro Wrestling Women's Champion and FEW Women's Champion.

Just to be a title conversation, to me is blessed. I've had the opportunity to win two championships this year on the indies at a couple of local promotions. And I treat that as if it was a major I bring [them] - when I have a red carpet opportunity. I bring my titles with me like, I don't, I don't think like any level should be like, 'Oh, that title doesn't mean anything' or it's just whatever.

She mentioned always wanting to be a WWE champion so I had to ask one more question. Would she go after Rhea Ripley or Iyo Sky? Surprisingly to some, Littlefoot picks Ripley and says she enjoys being picked up and slammed.

Be sure to check out the full interview available now.


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