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Alisha Edwards Talks Wrestling And More On GAW TV

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Knockout Alisha Edwards joins the women of Grown Ass Women TV. They discuss the growth of IMPACT! Wrestling and the importance of being a Knockout.

IMPACT! Wrestling during pandemic

“Honestly, during Covid, I think [“Curbside”] brought all of us together and like made us so much closer. And it was more of a personal thing. We got to know each other.” 

Alisha Edwards discusses what the “Curbside” became and how impactful it is still to the locker room. In addition, she describes it as a way to get to know more in-depth about one another.

The growth of IMPACT! Wrestling

“The best part about everything at IMPACT! is that we all believe in it like it’s not like we want it to fail. We all want it to grow so like every week we get better.” 

They speak upon the goals of 2023 for the company. In addition, Edwards believes that IMPACT! Wrestling is on the same level as WWE and AEW. She continues, stating that the product is just as good, there is just a lack of eyes and money.

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Be sure to check out the entire episode available now.


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