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Aliyah Allegedly Frustrated at WWE With Not Being Booked

Aliyah, who hasn’t wrestled a match since dropping the WWE Women’s Tag Team titles to Damage Control in September of last year, is frustrated at WWE for not being booked. Aliyah was quite open about her injury status, as she’s trying hard to return to the ring. Despite all of this, Aliyah has been absent from WWE programming. In a recently deleted thread of tweets,  replied, “Umm. I don’t know…” to a fan asking why she hasn’t appeared on WWE television for months. Another fan asked if she could do any shooting backstage, and she responded, “If only I was backstage.” She also tweeted out “ain’t my call” to a fan who suggested an idea for her. Another fan tweeted out and said that they hoped to see her in Montreal, and she simply replied to say that she was sorry. We’ll have to wait and see when Aliyah does make her return to WWE programming. Obviously, a lot of fans would love to see her on WWE TV again. 2023 just started, but she was absent from the 2023 Women’s Royal Rumble match. Only time will tell when Aliyah makes her return to the ring.


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