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All Hail Queen Sharmell

Co-owner of the biggest independent wrestling promotions in the states, ROW. The former Ms. Black America, former WCW Nitro girl, former WWE backstage interviewer, former back up dancer for James Brown, former manager of the legendary King Booker and now actress that is Sharmell.

Sharmell has worn several jobs in the entertainment world, and when she discovered pro wrestling and joined the World Championship Wrestling (WCW), she was immediately captivated. Sharmell began her professional wrestling career as the dazzling nitro dancer Storm in 1999, then tested the waters in the ring under the ring name Paisley. By the 2000s, she had enough experience under her belt to feel comfortable transitioning to WWE as a backstage interviewer. Following her appointment as Booker T’s manager, she elegantly transitioned into the statuesque Queen Sharmell, a persona that she held for a quite sometime. Following a very successful tenure in WWE, the Queen and King went on to Impact Wrestling, where they were instrumental in the formation of the main event mafia group, which featured other luminaries from the business.

Sharmell is now a proud co-owner of the famous independent wrestling company Reality of wrestling. ROW is committed to providing top-notch training in order to develop the next generation of talent. Sharmell is a woman who feel in love with the profession and is dedicated to making it a better place than it was when she first started. You will always be our queen, no matter what.

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