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#AndNew: Heather Monroe Has Some Gold

On episode 39 of Championship Wrestling from Memphis, fans were treated to a triple threat match for the Women’s title. Nikki Lane, Heather Monroe, and Rebel Kel collided to see who could emerge in this matchup.

Last week in a confrontation between the three women, Nikki Lane spoke humbly and fondly about her fellow competitors but knew that her back was a target as the women’s champion. She made it clear that this was always going to be her belt.

Heather did not back down, letting them know she was the only competitor Nikki needed to watch. Rebel Kel shows her drive and passion for the title by stating that she comes from Seattle every week to prove that she is worthy of that title.

After hearing this, Nikki decided to make a triple threat match, which led us into Episode 39. With all of the participants in the ring, Heather Monroe tries to talk trash to both ladies to get them off of their game, but Niki is not phased and immediately blocks Heather’s kick to give a punch to bring her back to reality.

The match started as a two-on-one match with Heather being the unlucky one as Rebel Kel began an alliance with Lane. However, Lane gets distracted when she sees her friend Matt attacked ringside and leaves the ring to tend to him.

Indeed not a good idea in a triple threat match when you do not have to be pinned to lose the title. With Nikki Lane helping her friend backstage, Heather works on Rebel’s leg and tries to weaken her.

Nikki makes a triumphant return and takes control of the match, even pinning Rebel for the 1-2-3, just for it to be revealed by Monroe that Rebel had her arm on the rope. With the ref confirming that and Nikki becoming distressed by that news, Heather takes the opportunity to roll Nikki up, grab a handful of tights to get the victory.

This happened so quickly that both the fans and Nikki were unsure what occurred until the announcer stated that Heather was the new champion. Whether you like Heather Monroe’s tactics or not, one thing that you cannot deny is that she is the NEW women’s champion for Championship Wrestling from Memphis!


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