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Battle of the Belts VI Rampage Review

It’s a Friday night, and you know what that means? Time for a bumper episode of Rampage Review, as this week is Battle of the Belts VI! The troubles between Taya Valkyrie and Jade Cargill continue. Anna Jay returns to the main event of Rampage against Julia Hart. Jade Cargill looks to continue her undefeated streak and retain her TBS Championship against up-and-coming star Billie Starkz.

Jade Cargill and Taya Valkyrie Mediation

In a backstage segment mediated by RJ City, Taya Valkyrie and Jade Cargill sit down to resolve their dispute over each other’s finishers.

Taya explains their finisher’s legacy while dropping a subtle nod to Beth Phoenix. The two women square up as Taya laughs off Jade.  

Will TBS Champion @Jade_Cargill and @thetayavalkyrie ever be able to work things out? It’s #AEWRampage LIVE on TNT! — All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) April 8, 2023

A fun promo that further deepens the two women’s feud. Taya looked confident and strong on the mic. It is excellent to see Jade on the back foot for once. She has rarely had the opportunity to try this sort of role. 

Julia Hart vs Anna Jay AS

Next, the main event of the first half of Rampage as JAS member Anna Jay faces off against House of Black member Julia Hart.

Her first match back after injuring herself in a hellacious street fight in January, Anna Jay cut a very methodical pace. The slower tempo allows both women to show their relatively new personalities. Despite being clucky at certain points, Julia Hart looked particularly impressive, showing her cheerleading background with pitch-perfect standing and top rope moonsaults.

Ultimately, Julia Hart steals the win after distracting the referee with a chain to hit Anna with the black mist and the roll-up to walk away the winner. An entertaining match that shows how much Jay and Hart have improved since joining AEW.     

Jade Cargill vs Billie Starkz

It wouldn’t be Battle of the Belts without a TBS Title defence, would it? Looking to retain her championship Jade takes on the 18-year-old with almost half a decade of experience Billie Starkz.

The match was a little rough around the edges. Moves weren’t as smooth as they could have been, possibly due to Jade’s inexperience and Starkz’s young age. However, these minor shortcomings do not detract from a solid match. Starkz, who was put over excellently by the commentary team, really shone. She was treated as a crafty threat with multiple reversals for Jade’s finisher. Jade held her own and fared well in what was one of her longest matches.

The finish comes when Jade gets her knees up to counter a senton bomb, followed by a big pump kick to the face and the Jaded for the TBS Champion to go 55-0

After the match, Taya makes another appearance. Jade confronts her, taking a wild swing with her belt. Taya dodges and attempts the Road to Valhalla, only for Jade to roll out the ring and escape. Taya continues to have Jade’s number.

Final Thoughts

A variety pack of a wrestling show, we got a little of everything from Battle of the Belts VI. A decent promo building to the eventual Jade and Taya match, a look at AEW’s future with Anna Jay and Julia Hart, followed by AEW’s present Jade Cargill facing off against an Indie darling in Billie Starkz.

While this Battle of the Belts didn’t have the impact of its predecessors, Battle of the Belts VI certainly served to show the breadth of the AEW Women’s division.

Those are my thoughts, but what did you think of Battle of the Belts VI? Is Taya going to be the one to take the belt from Jade? What did you make of Billie Stark’s Rampage debut? Let us know what you think. We love hearing from you.


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