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Bayley Praise Roxanne Perez: NXT Women’s Future Is Bright

Bayley believes that the future of WWE’s women’s division is bright, given the strong collection of wrestlers presently polishing their craft in NXT.

Bayley was questioned regarding the NXT women’s division during her appearance on the September 7 episode of WWE’s The Bump. She emphasized Roxanne Perez’s victory over Meiko Satomura and expressed her optimism for the future.

“It’s crazy going back and just seeing all of the girls that are there that are so young. We just watched Roxanne and Meiko’s match right before the show. I was saying how good she is for being so young, and I’ve told her and Cora [Jade] this multiple times, like I can’t even be here, at your age, at 21 and having these matches with someone like Meiko, who, I think they mentioned on commentary, was in WCW before she was even born, before Roxanne was born. So that match was just awesome to watch. I know that the future’s in good hands with someone like her there and Meiko being there to help guide.”

She used the occasion to mention Damage CTRL’s impressive trio given their collective experience.

“We’re incredible. I’m sure there’s little girls out there that want to be Damage CTRL, just like us. IYO is saying there’s 45 years of experience between all three of us, so you guys have a long way to go.”

Bayley made her WWE debut at SummerSlam, joining forces with Dakota Kai and IYO SKY to create the Damage CTRL faction. Since then, they’ve been a regular on WWE TV. WWE Clash at the Castle saw Bayley pin Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair.


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