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Bianca Belair Retains RAW Women’s Champion At Crown Jewel

Bianca Belair retained the Raw Women’s Championship after defeating Bayley in a Last Woman Standing match at Crown Jewel.

Anything could have happened in that match, and it did. The standard kendo equipment includes sticks, ladders, tables, and chairs. Prior to the count of 10, both women learned that they would ultimately need to trap their opponent in order to keep them from standing up.

In an effort to hold Bianca Belair down, Bayley tried to seize her on the ring steps in addition to in a pedalboard at the top of the stage. Prior to Bayley crashing through a table, a golf cart arrived on the scene. A ladder and steel chairs are brought into the melee. On a steel chair, Belair delivers a KOD to Bayley’s knee. Bayley is prevented from fleeing by being pushed into a corner and placed inside a ladder by the adversary. The referee reaches ten, and Belair remains the Raw Women’s Champion.

Damage CTRL reclaimed the Women’s Tag Team Championships earlier in the evening.

The WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships have returned home with Damage CTRL just five days after leaving. They are now two-time champions as a result. Nikki Cross assisted Dakota Kai and IYO SKY in defeating Alexa Bliss and Asuka to reclaim the championships at Crown Jewel. As she was competing in her own match there at event, Bayley was not present to assist Damage CTRL.

On the Raw episode aired on October 31, Bliss and Asuka stunned defeated Damage CTRL. At Crown Jewel, the four women engaged in battle once more. Bliss and Asuka conducted a backstage interview before the match. On the TV screen during the segment, there were images of Bray Wyatt, to which Bliss responded.

All of the competitors executed the match well. As the meeting came to a close, Asuka made an effort to keep SKY outside so that she wouldn’t be able to enter to aid Kai. As Bliss was making her way to the top to deliver her finisher, Kai was ready for a Twisted Bliss. Bliss was knocked to the ground by arriving Nikki Cross before she struck her with a swinging neck breaker. In order to win back the championships for herself and SKY, Kai would then exploit the situation and pin Bliss. Cross would flee the viewing area as the winners paraded around.

For the first time ever, a women’s championship has been won or lost at a competition in Saudi Arabia.

Two other women who appeared on the show were Rhea Ripley and Scarlett. Karrion Kross was competing against Drew McIntyre in a steel cage, and Scarlett tried to assist him. Despite her pulling the mace out to spray in McIntyre’s eyes, McIntyre would end up winning the match.

As usual, Ripley assisted The Judgment Day in defeating The O.C. Commentary proceeds to debate who can defeat Ripley, with Michael Cole stating that somebody needs to kick her in the shins. Ripley claimed that she was honoring the late, great Beth Phoenix by proudly displaying a hairstyle that was modeled after her.


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