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Billie Starkz Talks Traveling To Japan, WWA Debut & More

WWT host Alicia Salazar sat down with Billie Starkz the 17-year-old independent standout who has wrestled all over the country for promotions such as Black Label Pro, GCW, JCW, Mission Pro and more. She discussed her upcoming trip to Japan, debuting to Maria Kanellis’s Women’s Wrestling Army, dealing with online criticism, wanting to travel to the West Coast and the young generation of wrestlers.

On traveling to Japan by herself:

“I’m definitely very, very excited. I’m very, very nervous too, because I know it’s like a big step for me. But I’m very, very confident in my abilities to do it. It’s just getting it, like, done. And I was like, I am just hoping for the best. I feel like I’m going to have such an amazing time while I’m there.”

Billie Starkz on her Women’s Wrestling Army Debut:

“I completely love everything that she’s (Maria Kanellis) doing. And I feel like it was a really good experience for me. Definitely a learning experience. Because I haven’t got to work anything very TV like and just the way she had it running was very comfortable. And it’s definitely like an environment where all these people are new at it. So, I was like, oh, I’m allowed to struggle and not be good at this. And she definitely was taking her time with me and like, oh, this is how you do this. And this is this and this. I was like I got the in-ring aspect. But sometimes like these other parts of wrestling, I’m still learning how to develop and definitely Maria’s promotion helped me a lot. And I was like, I’m very, very thankful for everything she has going on there.” 

Being a part of generation of young wrestlers:

“I think we’re just honestly doing our thing. Like, it’s been fun and we’re just having fun with wrestling. And everybody’s like you’re causing so many changes and this and that. And it’s like for me and like we talked about, like we’re just here wrestling we’re here having a good time. We want everybody to enjoy wrestling and we’re going to put it on the best show possible.” 

How Billie Starkz handles online criticism:

“I honestly expect it. But it’s one of those things, I don’t let it affect me. I know, at the end of the day, mostly people who are having those negative responses just care about my health and safety. And I promise I’m very, very smart. And I’m taking care of myself. But I’m also like, I’m a person, I need to try things I want to do stuff that’s different. If I never challenge myself, how do I know where my limits are going to be where I stop?” 

Wanting to wrestle on the west coast and take on Titus Alexander:

“I definitely just enjoy the vibe over there. I love Defy, I love West Coast Pro. It’s just like everything they have going on there. I feel like I’m slowly like seeing more and more of and like the stuff with Prestige. I was like, oh my God, they’re killing this right now. And a lot of my friends who I’ve like I’ve never gotten a wrestle Titus Alexander, and I was like, oh, I could definitely beat that giant man up” 

Check out the full interview below.

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