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Brooke Valentine

I’m sure we all have our favorite wrestlers in the business, whether they’re the huge names on television from WWE or AEW, or legendary figures from the past. We’ve read many articles, blogs, and interviews about these incredible individuals, and believe me when I say that I’m not belittling their accomplishments in any way, but what about our up and coming stars? While there are performance centers and company-grown athletes in the wrestling business, the independent circuit is where the sport’s long-term growth will occur.

Brooke Valentine is a feisty heel who hails from the Midwest but is being booked from “anywhere but here,” She is a heel who you definitely want on your radar. For good reason, she is referred to as “Fite TV’s favorite ass,” and for good cause: she is well-known for using her ass-ests to her advantage in the ring.

Another factor contributing to the popularity of wrestling is the storylines that the wrestlers bring to life on the mat. Yes, indie organizations might struggle to sustain long-term booking and storyline, but Brooke can be seamlessly thrown into any match and portray a credible, in-your-face villain persona without a hitch. When she shouts back clever comebacks to the audience, gets in her opponent’s face, and says what she genuinely feels, Valentine shows her true colors. She even goes so far as to deny high fives from the younger generation of followers. Watching all of this unfold makes you want to boo her and play into her heel persona’s disdain of you and others. However, you can’t help but notice how amazing she is at her character and want to see her achieve success in the role.

Brooke Valentine will make certain that you notice her in some way or another while dressed in bright yellow plaid and black lace clothing. No matter what you notice about her, whether it’s her eye-catching attire (how does she pull off yellow plaid?! ), her ring work, her loud tongue, or her spit-fire comebacks, Brooke “Thicky Steamboat” Valentine will certainly make sure that you remember her name.


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