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Candice Michelle Doesn’t Think This Year’s Rumble Is Her Time, But She Hopes For A Retur

Candice Michelle desires to participate in the Royal Rumble, but WWE has not contacted her.

Prior to this, Michelle worked for WWE from 2004 to 2009. She served as one of Vince’s Devils during her tenure with the organization (alongside Victoria, Torrie Wilson, and Ashley Massaro), and she later captured the WWE Women’s Championship. On the special episode of the show on July 22, Michelle made a comeback to the WWE for the Raw Reunion, where she won the WWE 24/7 Championship by pinning Kelly Kelly.

She has largely avoided the wrestling community, though. Michelle previously expressed her optimism that she would be able to participate in this year’s Royal Rumble match.

If she’ll be back for the Royal Rumble, Steve Fall of WrestlingNewsCo asked Michelle during their interview. She replied that she had previously wanted to, but the business had never called. Likewise, Michelle said that while she would be open to the chance and that she would support the show by watching it, she didn’t believe that this year was the right time for her.

“I wish I was going. Every year, people are always like, ‘How come you’re not there? Why are you not in this?’ One year, they mentioned I was there but never called me. It just hasn’t been my time. So I’m open to it, I’m looking forward to the year when it’s my time, and I don’t think this year’s my time either, but you never know. WWE likes to call you the day before and say, ‘By the way, can you come down tomorrow? ‘ So I’m not planning on being there this year, but I’ll watch and support, and hopefully one of these years, it’s my time to be there.”

Recently, Emma made a Royal Rumble Women’s declaration. The Men’s Royal Rumble is something that Rhea Ripley recently expressed a desire to participate in.


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