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Chelsea Greens On The Creative Freedom In NWA

Chelsea Green like working with the NWA because it affords her an unprecedented degree of creative flexibility.

Throughout her career, Green has spent time with WWE, ROH, and IMPACT Wrestling, among others. In addition to competing for IMPACT and NWA, “The Hot Mess” is active on the indie circuit.

During an interview, Web Is Jericho questioned Green about her experiences working with NWA president Billy Corgan.

“Amazing,” she stated. “The creative freedom you have at NWA is like no other company I’ve ever been involved in. That’s what I love about it. He hires people that he trusts. He trusts that you’re there to do your job. He’s confident in your storyline. He’s confident in your matches. That’s a really fun thing to have after kind of being micro-managed at other TV companies. I don’t blame other TV companies for micromanaging, that’s why they are where they are. But at NWA, it’s a different beast, and it’s really fun to have that freedom to express yourself.”

Green’s current narrative pairs her with her real-life husband, Matt Cardona, as the head of the Cardona Family. When questioned about performing with her significant other, Green acknowledged that it may be challenging since they are “total opposites” as performers, but that they have learned to compromise.

“Oh my god, it’s hard (laughs). I think people see the glitz and the glam of working with your best friends or working with your partner. What they don’t see is the fact that no matter who you are paired with, you are not the same person. You were brought up in the wrestling industry differently. You were trained differently.

It’s hard to be two, three, or four distinct persons and put on a performance as one. Deonna (Purrazzo) and I have a difficult time doing it, but we are also much more alike than even Matt and I are. We are male and female. He’s been a fan since birth. I am a new fan. I was trained somewhat recently. He has trained 20 years ago. He was at WWE for 15 years. I was at WWE for a second. All those things make us complete opposites, but we learned slowly but surely — and we’re still working on it — we learned to present ourselves as a unit and find common ground when we go through that curtain,” she expressed.

On the July 26 episode of NWA Powerrr, Green lost against Kamille for the NWA World Women’s Championship. Chelsea Green and Purrazzo will battle for the IMPACT Knockout World Tag Team Championships at IMPACT Wrestling Emergence.


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