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Could JWOWW Be All Elite In The Near Future

Zack Clayton speaks to TV Insider about his fiancee Jenni “JWOWW” Farley. In addition, he talks about her support and possible future plans for AEW.

JWOWW attending Rampage and Full Gear

“She is a really big supporter of mine. It’s really important to me. She came along because she wanted to. She wanted to see how it was. She has been to shows before, but this one she came backstage and stayed the entire night. She got to see everything from start to finish. It was important to me because just like she brings me into her world, I wanted to do the same. When I had my match on Friday, she walked out to the crowd and watched my match, and hung out with everybody.”

JWOWW possibly doing live shows with AEW

“Perhaps. Funny enough, 150 people asked her that same question over the weekend, which is great because that tells me it’s something people want to see. That means it’s going to be good if it does happen, which I hope it could under the right circumstances. We’ll see. We joke that she is a little crowd-shy. There were some ideas I had in Newark. It didn’t happen this time, but maybe next time we roll around another big show. We’ll see what happens. I know we’re going to be on the West Coast for a while. We have a big start to the year, and maybe next time we come around we can make something work.”

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With all that being said, would like to see JWOWW join the AEW roster? Let us know what you think over on our Twitter page @WWTalkPod.

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