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House of Style: Taya Valkyrie Edition

Taya Valkyrie has always been gifted in the ring. However, she has another amazing talent.

Her keen fashion sense always adds something special to her in-ring persona.

Women’s Wrestling Talk wants to go down memory lane, to show the many looks that Taya has had throughout her journey in wrestling.

How these looks always told a story.

AAA Wrestling: Wera Loca Era

During her time in AAA Wrestling, Taya had a lot to prove. She was the only woman in an all-male stable Los Perros del Mal and needed to prove herself as someone who was not to be messed with. She had a badass look with the signature bandana, blonde and red hair, a jeweled bralette and dark jeans. Very Chola and certainly made her stand out from the luchadors on the roster.

Very quickly Taya earned her stripes and the nickname Wera Loca.

Lucha Underground Era:

Lucha Underground was a time for Taya to bring out more of a character-based gimmick, while still staying true to what made her popular in AAA.

We start to see fur coats and boots during her time in Lucha Underground.

Definitely fits the style of her tag partner in the company, Johnny Mundo.

Impact Wrestling Championship Era:

Elsa Inspired gear from Taya as a villain at this particular era in her career, Taya took on the role of an ice queen and wore the crown proudly.

This also spelled a very successful first run in Impact.

NXT Franky Monet:

This NXT era brought on a new character and a new look. A glamorous, valley girl that came with her own accessories.

Including a pocket-sized dog. Franky Monet was the Beverly Hills, Starbucks, Gucci purse wearing character that I’m sure Taya was excited to explore.

Return to AAA:

After her stint in NXT, Taya Valkyrie went back to her roots and walked back into AAA wrestling looking better than ever in the ring and proved that the Wera Loca was back.

The over-the-top costuming was back with puffy robes that made her look larger than life and the belle of the ball.

Taya was welcomed back by fans with open arms.

Return to Impact:

After dipping her toe back into AAA wrestling, Taya felt that something was missing, a little bit of gold that used to adorn her waist. Oh, that’s right, her AAA Reina de Reinas Championship.

So she had to go back to Impact Wrestling and get it. We see a serious, hair pinned back, blazer-wearing, Taya make her impact return and fulfill her mission to become a four-time Reina de Reinas champion.

The Death Dollz faction

After capturing several championships after returning to the indie scene and Impact Wrestling, it seemed like Taya wanted to take a break from the solo title hunt and have some fun.

So she joined forces with Jessicka and Rosemary and became the Death Dollz and really took it to the other Knockouts.

The brightly colored dressed, yet imposing team made you want to run off to Hot Topic and copy their look whenever they were on screen.

MLW Featherweight Champion Era:

Taya’s return to the indies with a stop in MLW and she quickly captured the featherweight title and dazzled in her amazing in-ring attire. Usually a singlet with a peek-a-poo look to the midsection accompanied by a badass jacket.

AEW Era:

It is no surprise that a lot of fans felt that Taya’s star had risen even more as she was dominating the indie scene and collecting more titles than Thanos was collecting gem stones.

So when AEW signed her, it was no shock to the fans.

Taya brought that amazing ring attire that we know her for and even added in some new looks with the long flowing black jackets covered in chains and rings and black body suits.

Very bold attire to fit with that experienced, confident Taya who had her sights on taking the TBS championship from Jade Cargill.

There’s no denying that Taya has a great sense of style. She studied fashion at the art academy based in San Francisco to give her all of the tools that she needed to start her own fashion line Loca.

Regardless of what your favourite era of fashion Taya has showcased, one thing is for sure, there are so many more evolutions in Taya’s style still to come!

Check out our interview with Taya and John Morrison from a while ago:


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