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Diamante Says Kiera Hogan Made Her Comfortable with Her Sexuality

In July 2019, Kiera Hogan tweeted her love for her now-girlfriend Diamante. Nearly four years later, Diamante has opened up about the impact of her relationship with Hogan. How it brought about a newfound confidence in her sexuality, along with happiness and a degree of comfort that she had never felt before.

Speaking on the AEW Unrestricted podcast, Diamante shared how her relationship with fellow AEW wrestler Kiera Hogan gave her a new perspective on her sexuality.

“I’m not going to lie, it was all very new for me because I’m used to keeping everything on the inside, I don’t let my personal life out there. I’m very private and reserved. Before Kiera, I was never comfortable with my sexuality because you know, it’s wrestling… I don’t want to weird people out, I don’t know how everybody’s going to feel, but that’s just me living in my own head, you know what I’m saying? Kiera actually gave me a lot of confidence; I think we gave each other that confidence that we didn’t have to be out and just be ourselves with our relationship. It was very different for me because like I said, I was used to just keeping to myself.

Getting with her and seeing how happy I was, [it] didn’t deserve to be hidden or kept behind closed doors. This deserves for people to see it and maybe be inspired. It was crazy because she announced it online and it kind of broke the internet, there was like news articles about it and I was like ‘Woah okay, this is impactful, this is probably going to make change, negative or positive it’s going to make a change’ and it’s just cool to be [part of the change]. It’s really, really cool. It’s a relief to be honest with you, it feels nice to just be supported and to be myself and ourselves around our friends and coworkers. It was life changing, for sure.” – transcribed by Fightful. 

Wrestling has always been a closely guarded business filled with secrecy. Naturally, wrestlers are reluctant to open up about their personal lives, both because of the inherently close-knit nature of wrestling and the attention they receive as public figures. Diamante’s words hit home while showing vulnerability. As she says herself, hopefully, her openness can serve as inspiration for others to accept their sexuality and go some way to help end the stigma that is attached to LGBTQ+ love.

We here at WWT wish Kiera Hogan and Diamante the best of luck going forward.


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