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Eddie Edwards Says ‘Give Us A Chance!’

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Being the ‘bad guy’ after putting a company on your back can be challenging. When Eddie Edwards turned his back on the IMPACT! Faithful, he felt like the fans had already turned on him. Feeling hurt and lost, Edwards becomes one of the most hated pieces of IMPACT! Wrestling.

The Salt Shakkas sit down with Eddie Edwards as they discuss the importance of IMPACT! Wrestling and his wife, Alisha Edwards. Opening up about his journey, Edwards tells fans to just give it a chance.

Cheating Yourself As A Wrestling Fan

“People are just cheating themselves if you’re not giving IMPACT! a chance. You know, of course, there were some rough times in the past however long TNA and people may have got a bad taste in their mouth. But it doesn’t make sense to me to punish us for the sins of the past. If you tune in and you watch IMPACT!, I tell this to everybody, any interview any fan I talk to anybody who I talk to about impact, if you tune in, you’ll find something that you love.

In addition, Edwards goes on to list the different sectors of IMPACT! Wrestling and the variety it holds to all wrestling fans.

There’s everything, something for everybody there is, you know, there’s the Knockouts, there’s the Knockouts Tag, there’s hardcore matches, there’s Lucha, there’s X Division, there’s, you know, the world title, there’s cinematic, there’s vignettes, there’s something for everybody. And IMPACT! Wrestling, if you watch one of our pay-per-views, I challenge anybody to tell us that our pay-per-views are not the best thing going right now, I challenge somebody to do that, you know, we put out the best product top to start to finish on pay-per-views. And it’s something that I’m really proud of. And I just say to people just give us a chance, just give us a chance.

The Outcome Of Giving IMPACT! A Chance

That’s all IMPACT! needs. Because as soon as you give us a chance, you will be hooked. You know, it’s easy to, you know, talk down or talk smack about different places. For some reason, I never get that in the world of professional wrestling. We’re all here together. What is the point of saying I only watch this, I will only do this, I will only do that you are just cheating yourself. So just tune into IMPACT! And you will find something for you something that you love, and you want to tune in week after week.

With the introduction of Honor No More, Eddie Edwards finds himself a new home. However, this newfound family starts to cause issues within his marriage.

During the interview, Edwards talks about the steps it took to get his wife Alisha Edwards on his side.

Convincing Alisha Edwards To Stick By Her Man

“I wore her down eventually. That’s how our marriage works. I wore her down. No, but you know, going into Honor No More, of course, it was such a sudden change, I feel that she was, you know, as shocked as some of the fans in the locker room was at the time. So I get that. But over time, I think she saw it, she felt you know, that I needed her support. And I needed her help. And in the end, I’m doing it for her – for our family. That’s what my focus is. And that’s what it’s always been, whether I showed it or not, that’s always been my focus. So I think it just took some time.

You know, unfortunately, Honor No More, didn’t quite work out the way I wanted to. But in the end, she saw what I was trying to do and what I was trying to accomplish, and how, you know, I had been, you know, wronged time and time again, by IMPACT! Wrestling here and there. So I think in the end, she saw what I was saying, and she, you know, she jumped on board, I’m forever grateful that she is by my side. Because, you know, she says and I say she is my true ride or die. And that’s how we are inside and outside the ring, whether we’re at work at IMPACT! Wrestling or at home, you know, doesn’t matter. That’s our life.

The Power Of Togetherness

It’s really changed everything. For me, it changed how you know how comfortable we are out there because we get to do it together. You know what I mean? It really switches things up. And it’s been, it’s been a lot of fun, especially to know that she’s on my side because, you know, she can be a bit scary when you’re against it. I’ve been on the wrong side of it a couple of times. And I’m trying to never do it again. But now, my enemies get to deal with it, which is great.”

As we know, the Knockouts division is one of the best and toughest divisions in the world. When asked who he thinks is the toughest Knockout today, without hesitation, Edwards names his wife.

“I’m gonna say my wife first and foremost, that goes without question. But I feel like she, I feel like she’s not included in these questions. Because, of course, she’s my answer to that every time But you know, honestly, if I am talking about my wife with how tough she is, it’s not just about inside the ring. It’s outside the ring. I know how tough she is, and how strong she is mentally and in everything that she does, everything that she’s been through in her life. Like, I’ve seen it firsthand, and I know that there’s nothing that will stop her.

Be sure to check out the full interview with Eddie Edwards available now.


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