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Emily Hollwedel | WRITER

The combination of Emily Hollwedel’s passion for professional wrestling and their love of words has led them to a specialized niche of interest. For a long time, they were drawn to the sport— enamored by stories, talent, and character— all of it consumed their everyday thoughts. However, when they discovered that none of their peers shared their enthusiasm, they gave up. Then, during their junior year of high school, they chose to reintroduce themselves to the story. After returning to wrestling after a ten-year absence, they are brimming with new ideas and rekindled passion.

Journalists, publishers, and aspiring authors are interested in sharing their perspectives on the undeniably absurd world of professional wrestling. Emily enjoys every type of music, animal, breakfast food, and the ocean. Currently, they are majoring in Writing and Publishing with a minor in Journalism and New Media at McDaniel College, where they also manage the varsity volleyball team.

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