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Fans Not Happy With The Return Of Tessa Blanchard, But Can You Blame Them?

The internet breaks yet again when the announcement is released of the return of Tessa Blanchard. Warrior Wrestling makes the announcement on Saturday, revealing that Blanchard will be returning to their promotion on August 20th.

Warrior Wrestling makes a statement to PWTorch regarding their decision.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Tessa Blanchard as she returns to Warrior Wrestling. Tessa has been with us since our very first show, and she was the first Warrior Wrestling Women’s Champion. As a performer and as a professional, Tessa has been absolutely excellent to work with over the years, and we look forward to having her back home at Warrior. We understand that there are members of the internet wrestling community who feel deeply negative toward Tessa. Everyone has a right to their own opinion and to voice that opinion, and we don’t begrudge them that right.”

All in all, many fans are upset, taking to social media to voice their opinion. For those that are unaware, Blanchard has been accused of racism along with bullying during her career. Many of her former coworkers came forward beginning in 2020.

Blanchard is the first and only woman in history to hold the IMPACT! World Championship. She was stripped of the title in June 2020. In addition, IMPACT! terminated her contract altogether. Not only is she booked for Warrior Wrestling, but she will also be featured at Hurricane Pro Wrestling this month.

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