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Former X Division Champion Wants To Tag With Trinity

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

The Salt Shakkas sit down with Speedball Mike Bailey to discuss all things IMPACT! Wrestling. In addition, Bailey talks about his debut, most formidable opponents, and his recent feud with Jonathan Gresham. He goes on to name Trinity as someone he would love to work with.

Signing with IMPACT! Wrestling

“Oh, man, IMPACT! is absolutely wonderful. And they have been getting better and better for the last – I don’t know how many years, even before I got there. In fact, I signed my IMPACT! contract, literally, on the back of Josh Alexander.”

Wanting to work with Trinity

“So this is a cop-out answer. But I would love to share the ring with Trinity.” He continues, “Trinity is one of the most talented wrestlers in the world. Male or female, there is no one else that moves like she can. And so you know, either against each other or teaming together. I think us teaming together and getting to do the glow kicks together would absolutely break the internet. I would love to do that.

When asked by our EIC Driune Santana, Bailey says Trinity has the better kicks.

Goals for 2023

“I don’t have any very specific goals for 2023. The only one that I had – this was the one thing I told myself at the beginning of the year – was I have to somehow top 2022. I think that in itself is enough of a challenge because I did – I managed to accomplish a lot in 2022.”

He ends by saying, “I think what I am doing in IMPACT! and what IMPACT! is doing as a whole is working fabulously well, and I think if we keep going in that same direction, great things are gonna happen.”

Be sure to check out the full interview available now.

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