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Foxxy Fierce Talks Being A Black Woman In the Industry

Foxxy Fierce hails from the DMV (District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia) area. Foxxy embodies glamour, strength, tenacity, and beauty all in a 70s diva-era package. As Foxxy’s family has always told her to strive to be the best, but also to push through any challenges and Foxxy does that with ease.

She got into wrestling when she was younger, watching with her older brother. She grew up and got into fashion, but WOW tryouts rekindled her interest in wrestling.

As many Black women can attest, many try to place us into boxes of what is expected or stereotyped as. Foxxy shows that you can’t box her in. She has a background in different types of athletics. She participated in sports and fitness. She’s also a certified yoga and Acroyoga instructor. Foxxy is also a professional commercial roller skater. Can we say Roll Bounce?

Foxxy Fierce spoke about being a Black woman in wrestling and having to work three times harder to show what we can do.

“Yeah, I think that’s something that factors into every Black woman’s life. Every black person’s life to be frank. And I think it’s a bit of a blessing, but also a burden. Because it is nice to reach your full potential. But it can be mentally taxing, emotionally taxing, to kind of feel this pressure coming at you, not only internally, but externally where it’s like, Okay, I got to be like you said, 200 to 300% better just to get to the same place that some of my other counterparts and I get to doing 50% of the work, you know.

So, it is something that influences the way that I train. The way that I live my life and all aspects. You know, I guess it’s just, it’s just something we deal with. I look forward to the day when it’s just enough to be you, you know. But until then I try and use it to my advantage. And just think of it as bringing out the best in myself.”

Foxxy has started WOW wrestling as a solo superhero, but in recent weeks, she has been tag-teaming with superhero Chantilly Chella. This is what she had to say about working with Chantilly.

“Well, working with Chantilly is just fantastic. I mean, she’s so knowledgeable and just her years of experience. Anytime I work with her, I feel like I’m learning something new. I’m honing in on my wrestling skills even more. So, you know, honestly, it’s been a pretty smooth transition because you know, when you’re paired with someone who’s so talented and so willing to help you out on your journey… I mean, it just makes it a fun experience and a learning experience. So, you know, overall, I’m happy with it.”

In any wrestling company, most want to go home with the big title, being the head honcho, or in this case head superhero. Foxxy talks about wanting to qualify for the gauntlet for a chance to win the WOW Wrestling main title.

“Oh, yeah, yeah, I think, you know, that’s always a goal. You know, like we’ve been saying throughout you’re always trying to up your personal best and you are there to win that championship. So, while I do enjoy my time as a tag team, I am always keeping that end goal in mind and why I’m here you know. I’m here to of course showcase my athleticism and get out their wrestle and be a positive influence for young girls and boys looking up, but you know, to really nail that bring it all the way home you know, I got to get that championship so I’m hoping to qualify.”

Foxxy Fierce was a pleasure to interview at the end of Black History Month, and I can’t wait to see what she does in WOW.


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