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Freya The Slaya Wants Kamille And JesSICKa

Senior Writer Nickie Booshie sits down with Freya The Slaya. They discuss her career, getting her start, and a few opponents she wants to get into the ring with.

Wanting an all-out ‘Big Girl Match’

“You know, lately, I really have had this dream of having a match with all really tall women in it. It’s really been a thing I’d love to see happen just because there are so few of us in wrestling, but like, something like you have to be five-ten to enter.”

She continues “So I just love that like, a nice big girl match because you just don’t see it that often.

Slaya goes on to name notable names that she would like to get in the ring with. “I would love to see like [JesSICKa], Kamille. There’s just a lot of really strong, powerful women that we don’t normally get to face each other. So, it’s just a different kind of matchup than we regularly have.”

On the journey to becoming a three-time OVW Women’s Champion

“But even though she’s my girl right now. Shalonce Royal has the OVW women’s title, which I’ve held twice. So, even though you know, that’s my wrestling bestie – she’s got to watch her back, because I’m looking for to be the three times OVW Women’s Champion.”

The entire interview with Freya The Slaya is available now.

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