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Getting To Know Big Mama!

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Senior Writer and Host Nickie Booshie sits down with Big Mama to discuss her start in wrestling. In addition, we get to know Big Mama outside the ring and her inspirations. She mentions other upcoming wrestlers such as Freya The Slaya and Nikki Victory while calling out a familiar Knockout to get in the ring with.

Toughest Opponent

“So I would say I have two. One that has been a long-term opponent. Because we started out partners, we started on the same side. And then we beat each other’s butts until we were dead, bleeding, and crawling across the mat. Nikki Victory. If you haven’t seen her matches, she is on the up and up. She’s on the rise. She is absolutely amazing. She pushes me to my absolute limit. But we both know each other so well. That that’s even a whole other aspect of any time we’re in the rain together.

She continues and mentions a recent guest on the show.

As far as one-off style matches, I would have to say Freya The Slaya. Absolute treat to get to beat each other’s butts. Let’s just say that – anytime. Any place. I’m down! She gives as good as she gets. And she’s one of those people, she meets me in the strength. She meets me in the height and she is she will throw it out.

The Connection Between Professional Wrestling and Other Sports

“So I played a lot of sports. So I went, my varsity letter looks far more impressive than it probably should. I went to a really, really small high school. I actually graduated with 28 people. That’s it – that was my whole class. Literally, the ad for soccer my freshman year was, if you could walk, we’ll teach you how to play. So I played soccer, softball, swimming, and cross-country track for all of like, a half a season because your girl don’t run for the record. And then in college, actually, I did play softball and cross country as well. So it’s always just kind of been a thing in my life, to be involved in a sport in some way, shape, or form.”

Be sure to check out the full interview with Big Mama available now.

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