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Gisele Shaw Looks To Win Her Shot

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Earlier this evening, IMPACT! Wrestling announces the return of Call Your Shot Gauntlet. The match will take place one week from Friday at Bound For Glory. The winner of the match will call their shot for any title within IMPACT! Wrestling. This decision can be made at any time, any place.

In addition, The Quintessential Diva, Gisele Shaw, is one of the first competitors to be announced. So far, she will face off in the match with Rich Swann, Heath, and PCO. This win could be the perfect opportunity for Shaw to finally get her hands on some gold.

This will be the first time we see Shaw wrestle some of the men in IMPACT! and we are excited to see the matchups. Shaw took to Twitter and had this to say about her upcoming match.

My first #BoundForGlory and I cannot wait!! Going to do my best and win the call your shot gauntlet!!

If Shaw pulls out the victory, what title will she go after? Automatically, many would say she is picking the IMPACT! Knockouts World Championship. Depending on who wins the championship match at Bound For Glory between Masha Slamovich and Jordynne Grace, either one of these Knockouts could be facing Shaw down the road.

However, the option of challenge for the Digital Media Championship, X Division Championship, or even the IMPACT! World Championship is still on the table. This gauntlet allows the opportunity to change the entire landscape of any division. It causes champions to be on their highest alert in which the unexpected can happen at any moment.

Go over to our Twitter [@WWTalkPod] and let us know what title you think Shaw will challenge for if she wins! Do not miss Bound For Glory airing Friday, October 7th starting at 8 PM EST. This event will take place in Albany, New York and tickets are still on sale.

Stay Booshie! – Nickie Booshie xoxo


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