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House of Glory: Who Runs the World?

House of Glory, a promotion based in Queens, Next York, conducted a women’s tournament to determine the new HOG women’s champion. This was an event I couldn’t miss as a wrestling and HOG enthusiast. This event was announced during the December 11, 2021 show, generating a lot of excitement and discussion about who will be the new HOG Women’s champion. I was interested to see who the matches would be going into the finals as the first batch of names were announced.

With the brackets in place, a night of incredible women’s wrestling began!

Match 1: Jordynne Grace vs. Janai Kai

Jordynne Grace walked out to rousing applause as she began the competition against Janai Kai. Janai is someone I’ve seen succeed in the indies, most notably on AEW Dynamite. The chants were shared between both females while they performed in front of the crowd and in the ring. This was a hard-hitting encounter. Jordynne is recognized for her strength, while Janai Kai is known for her strong kicks. In an intense opening match, the two females battled back and forth. Jordynne, on the other hand, came out on top by making Janai tap out, concluding the match and progressing to the semi-finals.

Match 2: Violette vs. Santana Garrett

As a fan of both females, I couldn’t decide who to support. I did, however, predict the winner of this match ahead of time. Once again, the crowd was divided in its chanting. Violette, a regular at HOG, performed a series of stunning techniques, while Santana battled back valiantly. Violette won this round despite several heavy strikes and high-flying acrobatics. She was the one I predicted would win this match. However, after the match, Santana attacked Violette, who was angry with her loss.

Match 3: Natalia Markova vs. Mercedes Martinez

Mercedes Martinez has been making the rounds, taking on a variety of female wrestlers. She faced Natalia Markova on Friday, January 14th, and she did not disappoint. Mercedes had Natalia all over the ring, so I stood up during the bout. However, Mercedes was disqualified by the referee, and Natalia took the win. Following that, Mercedes seized a chair and whacked Natalia in the back with multiple shots. She sat on that chair, taking it all in.

Match 4: Sumie Sakai and Deonna Purrazzo

Sumie Sakai stopped by HOG on her retirement tour, which pitted her against Deonna Purrazzo. Deonna recently defeated Rok C at IMPACT to win the new ROH women’s champion, giving her Deonna Two Belts for the second time. The Virtuosa fought hard against the famous Sumi, giving it her all. Sumi won the battle with a swift pin, and there was a lot of love in the ring. As they united, Deonna gripped Sumi tightly. Their hug was not just a gesture of respect for each other after an incredible battle, but also a farewell as Sumi proceeded on her path to retirement.

Semi Finals: Match 1: Violette vs. Natalia Markova

Based on what the other females were doing and who would be able to defend the HOG title if necessary, these ladies were my two favorites to take the HOG championship, therefore it was a surprise that they squared off so quickly. This battle was quite exciting. Violette’s name was sung aloud by HOG supporters. Natalia soon won popularity when she challenged Violette to a battle. Natalia won the match and advanced to the finals in an unexpected change of events.

Semi Finals: Match 2: Jordynne Grace vs. Sumi Sakai

Jordynne was all business in the semi-finals against Sumi. Sumi had Jordynne work a little harder to avoid the slower pace Jordynne was trying to maintain. Jordynne seems irritated at Sumi’s ability to escape her pin or squirm her way out of a submission. Despite Sumu’s valiant efforts, Jordynne would advance to the finals.

Finals: Jordynne Grace vs. Natalia Markova

Natalia stepped out to the music of her entrance, but before she could reach the ring, Jordynne assaulted her on the ramp. Jordynne made it apparent that she wasn’t going to spend any time getting this battle started. Jordynne was ferocious as she thrashed Natalia across the arena. There were several times when I believed Jordynne had this match wrapped up. Natalia battled valiantly, however. Finally, she was declared the new HOG Women’s champion, bringing the competition to a close and ushering in a new era for HOG.

This tournament was a tremendous demonstration of women’s wrestling, and I can’t wait to see what The Russian Crush accomplishes next as the new HOG Women’s Champion.

Until next Time WWTalk Verse! xoxo


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