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Impact Reportedly Denies Lady Frost’s Release Request

Apparently, Impact Wrestling will not release Lady Frost.

Frost revealed on June 23 that she has asked her departure from the company, as previously mentioned. She thanked the fans, staff, locker room, Producer Gail Kim and Impact EVP Scott D’Amore for a great experience.

Fightful Select reports that Impact has not permitted the release and may not.

Frost has been unemployed since April, per the terms of her contract.

Lady Frost is currently under an exclusive pay-per-appearance contract with Impact, as opposed to a full-time salary agreement. She is only compensated when she is booked. This is the same deal Acey Romero and Larry D signed for Impact releases last year.

Frost announced in April that she would require a minor procedure in May. She reportedly informed Impact officials of her surgery and upcoming absence. Frost was nevertheless booked for the Dallas tapings in early April, over WrestleMania 38 Weekend, without hotel or airline accommodations, and he ultimately paid out of pocket. After working the Dallas tapings, Frost made officials aware of her necessity for the aforementioned operation the following week. Frost stated that she was kept in the dark about her status while she was out of action, and she was informed that she would not be utilized in the near future.

Concerns were raised about how much Frost gets paid for tapings. She also says blood test reimbursements were not provided. Talent gets one lunch throughout a 12-hour production day. Frost said uncompensated travel expenditures cost her money to work for a company that doesn’t appreciate her health.

Frost was absent from recent Impact TV recordings, and the firm has no creative plans for her at this time. She has apparently made it plain to officials through multiple channels that she wishes to be released, and she has even asked Anthem President and CEO Leonard Asper directly for her release.

When Frost asked for her release, she was asked if she wanted to sit out the rest of her contract, which would leave her underpaid for more than two years.

Frost is now still included on the official Impact roster. She made her debut with Impact in July 2021, and in December 2021, it was announced that she had officially joined the Knockouts division. April 2 saw her compete in the Fatal 4 Way tag team match at Multiverse of Matches. She revealed in April that she will undergo the aforementioned minor surgery in May, but returned to the ring on July 15 at the AAW’s Independents Day event.


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