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The Women Behind a Journalistic Revolution: Sojo Bolt

Former wrestler, notably in TNA, Shine and OVW, Sojo Bolt faced off against wrestling titans like Awesome Kong, during the founding of the Knockouts division.  She also holds the record for the most reigns for the OVW women's title. With a whopping seven reigns.

These were all amazing feats, but her work behind the camera, to create safe and professional platforms for female wrestlers is truly remarkable.

In the 2010’s, Sojo put on her hosting hat and started up a brilliant series on entitled Diva Diaries. 

Which were in depth interviews with female wrestlers like Jazz, Jessicka Havok, Candice Lerae, Taeler Hendrix, and ODB. 

This allowed female wrestlers and personalities to have a comfortable space to be asked questions about the wrestling business that they’ve loved so much.  Questions that were filled with integrity and admiration for what these women accomplished.

This was momentum due its timing. Right before the wrestling podcast boom where we were spoiled with interviews from women, this wasn't always the norm years prior.

There weren’t any Conrad Thompson’s at the time to really break down memorable career moments in wrestling. 

Sojo took this on and helped to fill the need for female wrestlers not getting this insight into this his career. There was also level of understanding, compassion and comradry that Sojo Bolt had to really make her guests open up about all of the highs, lows and twist and turns they endured in the industry.

Sojo Bolt, we thank you for the care and effort you put into showcasing your fellow female wrestlers.

We here at Women’s Wrestling Talk salute you and your contributions to women’s wrestling! 


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