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#IMPACTPreview Gisele Shaw vs. Jordynne Grace

Updated: Aug 2

During her last match, Gisele Shaw gives us a foreshadowing moment with her holding the IMPACT! Knockouts World Championship. In addition, this moment ends up costing her team the match while VXT drops her as an ally. As we know, Shaw has been quite adamant about getting her hands on that title and making it her own.

As the current champion Jordynne Grace continues her reign, she is looking for anyone that wants to step up. For weeks, Shaw plays mind games with Grace, trying everything she can to get into the champion’s head. Last week, we see Shaw flaunting around and showing off her captured moment with the championship.

Tomorrow night, Shaw will get her chance at gold. In addition, this will be her first shot in a singles match for the IMPACT! Knockouts World Championship. She will compete against Jordynne Grace who has no plans of stopping her reign anytime soon.

Either way, the outcome of this match will reshape the division moving forward. We are on the road to Over Drive and everyone is looking for their spot. Tell us who you think will win over on our Twitter page @WWTalkPod.

Prediction: As much as I would love to see Gisele Shaw become champion, the time might not be right now. Since defeating Masha Slamovich, Grace pushes herself higher and higher on the mountain. In the end, I believe that Jordynne Grace will retain her championship. The big question after this win will be figuring out who will challenge Grace next.

Be sure to check out our post-show this Thursday and every Thursday. Stream live on YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook Live. Our #IMPACTRecap is available here following the show.

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