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#IMPACTPreview Masha Slamovich vs. Allie Katch | Monster’s Ball

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

After her win over Max The Impaler, Jordynne Grace announces the poison for Masha Slamovich. In addition, she picks someone who is not afraid of a little blood and pain, Allie Katch. She goes on to state that the match between Masha Slamovich and Allie Katch will be in Monster’s Ball.

This style of match changes the landscape of what happens next. It seems that Grace does not want Slamovich to even make it to Bound For Glory at this point. All in all, Slamovich has proven that she is up for any challenge and this might be the toughest one thus far.

In my opinion, Allie Katch is the perfect pick for Masha Slamovich. Both of them have quite the history of wrestling one another. To no surprise, Katch is one of the top talents in GCW. Her defeat list includes the likes of JesSICKa, LuFisto, and the current IMPACT! Knockouts World Champion herself, Jordynne Grace.

Masha Slamovich is no stranger to GCW herself. In addition, she has dominated every opponent since the day she stepped front in IMPACT! Wrestling. Similar to Allie Katch, she lives for the blood and pain. It is safe to say that these two were made for one another.

Since they already have a history, this match will take each competitor to a different limit. All bets are off at this point. Slamovich is looking to gain momentum heading into her match at Bound For Glory. On the other hand, this is just a good time for Katch.

No matter who wins, the damage is done. As we know, Jordynne Grace takes out her poison. Will Slamovich be able to do the same?

This match will take place on Thursday. We will have live footage from the match posted to our Instagram and Twitter.

Stay Booshie! – Nickie Booshie xoxo


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