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#IMPACTPreview | Mickie James vs. Chelsea Green

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Where do we even start with this feud? As we know, Mickie James is on her last rodeo. To no surprise, Chelsea Green believes that it is time to put a stop to it. At first, it seemed that VXT had their minds set on getting their gold back.

However, that plan has been put to a halt by Chelsea Green herself.

Let us take a trip back to July. In a shocking victory, Chelsea Green defeats Mickie James after placing her feet on the rope. Following the match, it seems James is leaving wrestling for good. After the match, James speaks to Gia Miller one last time before making her way out of the building.

Rumors begin to stipulate that James would indeed be retiring. After all, James’ career speaks for itself, reaching legendary status in more promotions than one. However, during the IMPACT! Dallas tapings, James announces that she has one last rodeo to ride.

Since then, Green and James have had mild interactions, until now. A few weeks back, James challenges Green but it is swiftly declined. That is until Green takes the pin to James in their tag match. This makes Green upset on a level that seems to cloud her version as a tag team competitor.

Tonight, Mickie James and Chelsea Green will face off one more time. Is this the moment Green needs to take out James for good? Will James finally get the singles victory over Green, continuing on her last rodeo?

Prediction | This time is a little bit different. Mickie James is currently in a different mindset. On the contrary, it seems that Chelsea Green has been off her game lately. Losing the tag titles and now suffering a loss to James, Green is backed into a corner. However, James has no plans of stopping this rodeo anytime soon. I do believe that James will walk away victorious against Green and then go on to face Taylor Wilde.

Be sure to check out our post-show tonight following after all the chaos. Our #IMPACTRecap will be available here after the show as well.


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