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#IMPACTRecap – Chelsea Green Says She Will Be Victorious At Hard To Kill – Texas Death M

With Hard to Kill just around the corner, Impact Wrestling Interviewer of the Year, Gia Miller, asked Chelsea Green the feeling she felt of being in such a historic match. She said, “This is going to be legendary for women’s wrestling, and I know that the entire world has been waiting to see Chelsea Green versus Mickie James or Chelsea Green versus Deonna Purrazzo. So, I will be walking out of that Ultimate X Match as the new number one contender, and when I do, my fiancee is going to be walking out as the new Impact World Champion.”

Green was briefly interrupted by Impact World Champion Moose, who had some words for the power couple. She made it clear that she would be with her future husband, Matt Cardona, in the ring during their contract signing. After the signing, Green was accidentally attacked with a chair by Cardona as Moose left the ring in laughter. Cardona aimed at Moose, who ducked the attack, where Green was struck across the head. No update on Green has been released at this moment.

The thought of a supergroup between The IInspiration and The Influence vanished quickly as Tenille Dashwood, and Jessica McKay faced off in singles competition. The Influence seemed to be the better team, taking selfies during the match while helping Dashwood gain the victory. The assistance from Kaleb with a K allowed Dashwood to get the win over the Knockouts World Tag Tag Champion. This victory puts Dashwood and Madison Rayne in a good running for those championships shortly. It is quite possible that this match could be set for Hard to Kill.

The feud between Deonna Purrazzo and Mickie James has reached points beyond the Knockouts Championship. Purrazzo and James met yet again in a brawl before the show aired. There was a brief altercation between the two as James walked in during Purrazzo’s meet and greet. Purrazzo clapped and taunted James for showing up for work on time. James laughed and responded, “Why don’t you keep your mouth shut and sign these autographs,” approaching the table where Purrazzo and Matthew Rehwoldt were seated. Security stepped in, and the interaction was settled. So we thought. As James opened the door to the arena, Purrazzo attacked James, and the two fought until they were taken to Impact Wrestling EVP, Scott D’amore.

He ordered a no-contact clause between Purrazzo and James that includes Rehwoldt due to his notable involvement in their feud. Gail Kim helped D’amore control the situation and announced that Hard to Kill, The Virtuosa, and Hardcore Country would meet in a Texas Death Match. Each competitor seemed quite pleased with the result as James welcomed Purrazzo to Hardcore Country. Knowing that The Virtuosa and Drama King work well together, they might have a few tricks up their sleeve in Dallas.

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