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#IMPACTRecap Slamovich Faces Grace

Tonight, newly crowned champion Deonna Purrazzo defends against Taylor Wilde. In addition, Jordynne Grace and Masha Slamovich find out who is the toughest Knockout in the room. Before The Impact, Gia Miller joins commentary and it is set to be a great night!

Jordynne Grace defeats Masha Slamovich

Kicking us off tonight, Masha Slamovich and Jordynne Grace meet in the ring one more time. Both are looking to gain some momentum after frequent losses. After losing to current champion Deonna Purrazzo, Grace needs this win to get back to any chances at gold.

On the contrary, Slamovich cannot seem to catch a break since losing her undefeated streak. This is the win she needs to prove her dominance yet again. However, Slamovich suffers another loss.

In the end, Jordynne Grace gets the victory and is more than prepared to get her hands on Deonna Purrazzo. In addition, Jordynne Grace is featured in this week’s Digital Exclusive match. Former Knockouts World Champion takes on Shazza McKenzie.

That match is available now on IMPACT! Plus and YouTube.

Jody Threat defeats Seleziya Sparx

A hometown favorite, Jordy Threat looks to gain another win. In addition, Threat takes on Seleziya Sparx. The two are familiar with one another and have quite the history. Tonight, Threat gains that win and continues her undefeated streak.

During the match, chants of “She’s A Threat” uproar in the arena. Next week, Threat will go one on one with Alisha Edwards. Who will pick up the win? Let us know over on our Twitter @WWTalkPod.

Rosemary introduces Crazzy Steve to JesSICKa

The only way to get back to the Undead Realm is with @MinisterReal leading the way! @WeAreRosemary @steveofcrazzy @FearHavok #IMPACTonAXSTV — IMPACT (@IMPACTWRESTLING) April 28, 2023

Deonna Purrazzo defeats Taylor Wilde

In the main event, Deonna Purrazzo put her championship on the line against Knockouts World Tag Team Champion, Taylor Wilde. This is the first time the two face off in the ring.

After calling Purrazzo a fraud, Taylor Wilde looks to take that Knockouts World Championship away from The Virtuosa. As a former Knockouts World Champion herself, Wilde is no stranger to big victories.

Being the first defense since winning the title two weeks ago, Purrazzo has no plans of ending this reign tonight. Wilde plays her cards smart with partner KiLynn King on her side. During the match, Wilde rolls out the ring and pulls out another card.

The tricks and hair-pulling by Wilde are not enough to take down The Virtuosa. Nevertheless, Purrazzo retains and it seems that the champion may be circling back to rival Jordynne Grace. However, it looks like Purrazzo and Grace may be on the same side…for now.

After the match, Purrazzo is attacked by KiLynn King as Wilde jumps in. As we know, Jordynne Grace does not like an unfair fight and comes to help Purrazzo. This weekend, Purrazzo and Grace are set to tag against Wilde and King.

Be sure to check out our IMPACT! Wrestling post-show tonight. Stream live on YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook Live.

In the meantime, check out some amazing interviews with a few of your favorite Knockouts!

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