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Is Becky Lynch Ready For Asuka…Again?

The Empress of Tomorrow has returned to Raw after a nine-month sabbatical. Asuka interrupted Becky Lynch, who was making her first appearance on Raw after losing to Bianca Belair at WrestleMania.

Lynch entered the arena to confront the fact that she is no longer the Raw Women’s Champion. Three years have passed since Lynch had to face the audience on Raw without a title. Lynch has been with gold since 2019 save for her maternity break.

It’s Big Time Becks’ speech began solemnly, but she swiftly transformed it into arrogance, knowing that there is only one way up after stating that she has reached rock bottom. Lynch, she claims, is the best at making a comeback. She pledges that no one will be able to stop her from becoming the Raw Women’s Champion and holding the championship forever. Not Bianca, Sonya, Dana Brooke, Liv, or Tamina, for example….

Asuka’s song begins to play as Lynch continues to identify names.

Becky is joined in the arena by the Empress, who declares that she will be the one to stop her. With a flick to Lynch’s nose, she seals the deal. Lynch prepares to attack Asuka, but she slips out of the path and counters with a strike of her own, which Lynch escapes. Lynch makes his way out of the ring to bring the session to a close.


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