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Jade Cargill: The Future of Women’s Wrestling

None of us could have anticipated Jade Cargill. This giant amazonian is a future star who has mastered the sport of wrestling like she’s been doing it her whole life.

In a wrestler, Jade is everything you could desire. Arnie would be envious of her figure and athletic prowess; she also exudes an abundance of charm and charisma. You simply have to look at Jade’s debut to know how popular she is. Shaquille O’Neal, a 7-foot-tall monster and basketball icon, was in the ring, but the spotlight was on Jade.

Jade’s fame has continued to climb since her debut. Wrestling background aside, she has an impressive amount of talent. At this point, she is the TBS women’s champion, and she is positioned to be a major player in the new AEW division.

I can’t imagine the impact Jade must have on the next generation of Black women. When it comes to professional wrestling, it has always been and will always be a white man’s sport. They were gangsters, pimps, and thugs from ‘the jungles of Africa,’ as they were billed. There was no real drive for African-Americans to be stars, save for The Rock, and even then the impetus was short-lived. Jade is now one of several black women who appear on television on a regular basis. With someone of their race and gender now being recognized for their strength and power, young Black women have a new role model.

Women are desperate for strong female role models after the success of Luisa in Encanto. In this job, Jade is a wonderful match. She dispels the patriarchal myth that women lose their femininity the moment they pick up a dumbbell, since she is real evidence that women can have muscles. In the body-positive spectrum, Jade is just as deserving of the same kind of love and acceptance as the others.

Jade is an inspiration in every way possible. She’s a successful entrepreneur and mother with a master’s degree in child psychology, so it’s not simply her figure and wrestling prowess that make people take notice of her. She represents the pinnacle of black achievement and is a charismatic personality who will have a significant impact on the next generation of women wrestlers.


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