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Jessie Jones Talks WOW Wrestling & More

The wrestling career of Jessie Jones, aka Jessie Belle, began in 2010. She works as a model, wrestler, and wrestling valet.

She has worked with various promotions over the years. Including, Ohio Valley Wrestling and SHINE wrestling. Currently, she’s on WOW Wrestling as Jessie Jones, a woman determined to make wrestling great again. I got to sit down and chat with her, and here are some of the things she had to say.

I asked Jessie Jones what it was like working with Jeanie Buss.

“You know, they say that we are the wild superheroes, but Jeanie Buss is my superhero. She has given women who long deserved to be in the spotlight a chance when they didn’t believe that they were going to have one. Not many people know this, but I was actually quitting in 2014 because I wasn’t going to be able to go any further. So, I mean, if you can’t rise up, why spin your wheels in one place? So, I had announced on you know, that I was leaving wrestling and I actually got messaged by Leilani Kai, and she’s the one who was like, hey, I want you to go check this place out. Your cousin is in it.

I was like, I’m quitting. You know, I appreciate it. I’m honored that you would think of me but like, I’m just done. And she was like, look, this is different. It’s owned by Jeanie Buss. You know, it is for women by women, you know, to empower women. Please go check it out. Like just give it a chance. You know, so I called and talked to Selina (Selina Majors), and I went and checked it out and I was like, you know what? Maybe I’m going to stick this out and see where WOW goes. And that was you know, that was 2014. I think it was 13 or 14. But that’s the only reason I’m still in wrestling today was that Jeanie Buss gave me that opportunity with David and Selina.”

AJ Mendez, who carved out her path as AJ Lee popped back into the wrestling scene to work with WOW. She’s a producer and, does commentary. I asked Jessie what it was like working with her as well. I asked Jessie about how it felt working with her as well.

“It’s incredible, and I totally attribute the condition …the state of women’s wrestling today to her. Like AJ’s tweet like, give women a chance. That’s when women were like, fine. They got so much publicity so much behind it. That’s when women were actually like, given the ball and like, and an opportunity to roll with it. And you know, to have the opportunity to share the locker room and learn with somebody who has done so much. It’s just…I’m blessed as all I can say, blessed and honored and so grateful.”

Already there have been some exciting episodes for this season of WOW. I asked Jessie what the fans should be excited about for this season.

“Not one in particular. I’m excited for them to like to see the whole entire show. Like they have to watch everything like you because you need to know who likes who. Who doesn’t like who? Who’s fighting, who, and why they’re fighting? Like, it’s just entertaining. It’s amazing. It is so much fun. Like, I still can’t believe that I’m a part of it. And that like and that this is happening. And you know, it’s really surreal. There’s not one particular moment that I want the fans to see.

Because I want them to see all of it and see like the things and the women that they’ve been…they’ve been missing out on. They haven’t had the opportunity to see it because they weren’t given the platform because there are so many incredibly talented women on the Women of Wrestling roster, that it’s insane. It’s, we are stacked. We are talent stacked with people who are hungry and ready to entertain and do what they love.”

Jessie as well as the other talented ladies can be seen on Saturdays entertaining us and giving us new and exciting characters. I can’t wait to see what else WOW wrestling has in store for this season.


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