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Jordynne Grace Hopes Ex WWE Star Join The Knockouts Division

Jordynne Grace is one of the world’s top female wrestlers at age 26. Current Knockouts Champion, who won in the first Queen of the Mountain, reveals her next opponent.

While making an appearance on the Angle podcast, Grace revealed she would love to face Dakota Kai in the ring.

“So, this is such a hard question because I feel like AEW has signed a lot of people. But someone that would be awesome to wrestle is Dakota Kai.”

Grace said Kai would suit well in the Knockouts Division and praised her ring ability.

dakota kai laughing

” I don’t think she got her full due at WWE and I think that IMPACT would really be a great place for her to go. She has a very unique look, a unique wrestling style, and I feel like the Knockouts division, she kind of personifies that.”

Kai was released by WWE back in April. She joined the organization in 2017 and performed on NXT, where she and Raquel Rodriguez became the first Women’s Tag Team Champions. She has not wrestled for any other companies since but has trademarked the name “King Kota”.

Where would you like to see Kai appear next? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter @WWTalkPod!


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