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Jordynne Grace Talks Being Champion Again, Gia Miller, And More!

The current IMPACT! Knockouts World Champion, Jordynne Grace, sits down with TK and Nickie. The conversation opens up by asking Grace her thoughts on Drake’s latest album. In addition, they discuss her current reign along with some talks on intergender wrestling.

Feud with Matt Cardona

“Thankfully, he was like the easiest person to work with, and all of our ideas, they meshed so well together.” She goes on to talk about how much she appreciates him along with their chemistry in the ring. Furthermore, she commends his growth in the company and details a conversation she had with Chelsea Green about it.

Preparing for Slammiversary

“It was honestly like 95 percent mental.” She continues, “When they pitched it to us I was just like, “what is that?” She states that she went back to watch all of the matches before her own.

“There were a couple of things that were a little bit off that we didn’t even realize were going happen until we got out to the ring.” She talks about not knowing there was not going to be a hook to hang the belt.

“When I was climbing the ladder I had the belt wrapped, obviously, so all the other matches besides one I think there has been a hook.” She continues, “So when I saw that it was just a straight bar I was like “OMG!” She ends with, “just live in the moment!”

In addition, Grace makes it aware that none of the competitors in the Queen of the Mountain match could see the elimination timer. She noted this as one of the difficult aspects of the match.

Having Gia Miller as a tag partner

“Actually, I do think that would be interesting. I think she has alot of potential.” She goes on to speak of their IPWF match and their chemistry in the ring. “We had a really good match so I feel like definitely if she was given more opportunities, she would definitely take them and run with it.”

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