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KAIRI Would Love To Step Into The Ring With Current AEW Champion

KAIRI, the inaugural IWGP Women’s Champion, has expressed interest in competing against Jamie Hayter, the current AEW Women’s Champion.

At AEW Full Gear in November 2022, Hayter won the title of AEW Women’s Champion for the first time.

KAIRI, formerly known as Kairi Sane in the WWE, defeated Mayu Iwatani in the Historic X-Over main event to win the title of IWGP Women’s Champion for the first time ever.

KAIRI responded when asked if she would be interested in competing against the AEW Women’s Champion during an interview with Dark Puroresu Flowsion.

“Of course! In fact, I never met her. But I often hear that she was very active in the STARDOM ring. Hello Jamie, I’m KAIRI! I hope you read this.”

Mercedes Moné, making her NJPW debut, confronted KAIRI at the Wrestle Kingdom 17 event of New Japan Pro-Wrestling. On February 18, KAIRI and Moné will square off at Battle in the Valley, which she’s looking forward to.

“I respect her very much. She has always been kind to me in private, and when I returned to Japan from America, she gave me many wonderful gifts. I still cherish them. I believe Mone and I can make a great match that people will remember forever.”

In a previous interview, Moné anticipated that her match against KAIRI would go down as the greatest in Stardom history.

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