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Kamille Discusses Empowerrr 2 & NWA 74 Match With Taya Valkyrie

Kamille, the current NWA Women’s Champion and a former softball player, is currently signed with the NWA (National Wrestling Alliance). She made her NWA 70th Anniversary Show debut on October 21, 2008, in a Rhodes-Aldis storyline.

Kamille will dominate Strictly Business and wrestle Thunder Rosa and Madi Maxx. At the When Shadows Fall PPV on June 6, Kamille will defeat Serena Deeb to win the NWA Women’s Title.

Kamille will win title matches against Melina, Kiera Hogan, Leyla Hirsch, Chelsea Green, and Taryn Terrell. She has held the NWA Women’s Title for over a year now.

Kamille discussed her wrestling career with Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling. In that interview, she said she felt EmPowerrr’s cancellation overshadowed her and Taya’s main event Night One of NWA 74.

With regard to her main event match at NWA 74 being overlooked because of a discussion about EmPowerrr 2:

“Uh definitely, I definitely think it’s something [to be proud of]. Me and Taya [Valkyrie], we main event the first night, so I think that’s something that got lost in the Empower 2 talk. People lost the fact that okay, there might not be an Empowerrr 2 this year, but we have two women’s main eventing in the Chase Ballroom. That’s a big deal and I think that kind of got overlooked.”

Kamille will also discuss her thoughts about Empowerrr 2 not happening this year.

“I didn’t really think anything about it just because I show up and do my job and do as the boss says. That was just for last year when he said there wasn’t going to be an Empowerrr 2. I don’t think that he meant ever in the existence of [the company], I just think he meant for the last year he wasn’t ready to put it together or the logistics of it weren’t coming together, so. I’m not involved in that part of the business, so I don’t really pay attention to it. I just show up and do my job. But I do think Empowerrr, the first one, was such a great event and the fans loved it, and wrestlers loved it. So I definitely think it’s gonna happen again, it’s just getting all of the logistics together.”

Both Taya and Kamille have been absolutely killing it this year, and what they accomplished at NWA 74 was amazing. To listen to the full interview check out the episode below at Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast.


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