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Kamille Retains NWA Worlds Women’s Championship At NWA 74

It’s Night Two of NWA 47! Max The Impaler challenges Kamille for the NWA Worlds Women’s Champion, after winning the Burke Invitational last night.

NWA Women’s World Championship: Kamille Retained Against Max The Impaler.

Bully Ray join commentary for this match. Max immediately elbowed Kamille in the face. Max attacked despite Kamille’s forearms. The Impaler body slammed and clotheslined twice. Max no-sold and headbutted Kamille. Max pinned Kamille after she broke a waistlock with a jawbreaker.

They hit more forearms and kneed Kamille in the stomach. The Impaler curbed Kamille into the bottom turnbuckle, which looked terrible and stiff. Kamille reached the top rope and scored a 2-count with a crossbody and dropkick.

Kamille slid out of 10 corner punches and put Max on a torture rack, which was impressive. 2-count. James Mitchell put Max’s foot on the ropes as Kamille flipped over his spear and hit her own. Miserably Faithful tried to protect Mitchell from Kamille, but she beat them.

Max used the diversion to hit Kamille with the Wasteland, but she kicked out and backdropped him. The ref counted to 10 as both wrestlers hit a clothesline. Kamille rolled up Max for the pin. OK. Max was stiff and reckless again, but Kamille won.

Pretty Empowered Retain The NWA World Women’s Tag Team Championship The Hex In A Kingsway Street Fight

Kingsway street fights? I don’t know. This is one of the few TV bouts when Ella Envy cheats using weapons to beat her opponents, including The Hex. Kay and Belle immediately attacked Paige and Envy with a garbage can.

Envy and Paige reversed their Irish whips, pushing the Hex into the chairs they put up. Kenzie Paige threw a chair at Belle. Ella Envy tied Allysin Kay to the corner and Pretty Empowered worked on Belle until Kay escaped.

Envy soon killed Kay with a kendo stick. Kay threw a beer at Ella Envy ringside. Velvet Sky questioned, “Is Envy 21?” Laughable. Pretty Empowered set up a table under the ring. Paige super kicked a cookie sheet into Kay’s face, and Belle stopped Envy’s pinfall attempt.

Allysin Kay poured Legos on a mat and struck them with a uranage. Envy stopped Kay’s dominator on Paige’s Lego. Envy fought off Marti Belle’s trash can and hurled it at Kay, causing her to tumble over the top rope and through the table.

Paige wanted Envy to show Marti Belle mercy, but she beat her with a kendo stick, embracing the dark side, as Galli called it. Belle was super kicked while wearing a trash can and pinned. Nothing extraordinary. I liked that Pretty Empowered took over because new stars are vital. Paige beat Belle then celebrated.

Angelina Love Defeated Taryn Terrell

Terrell played games while concealing herself beneath the ring, and then rang the bell to declare herself the winner. Love brought Terrell back to life. Love executed a flatliner and ensnared her opponent in an octopus submission. To escape, Terrell scraped the eyes. Love countered Terrell’s attempt at a submission by unleashing a victorious pump kick.

Natalia Markova Wins Queen Bee Match

The rules were conventional for a trio’s fight, with the victors engaging in an elimination triple threat. Natalia Markova, Missa Kate, & Madi Wrenkowski defeated Taya Valkyrie, KiLynn King, & Jennacide. Jennacide was pinned by Markova after receiving a running axe kick from Madi, a running knee from Kate, and a running face buster from Markova.

Queen Bee @RealNMarkova 👑🐝#NWA74 — Santana (@FullardSantana) August 28, 2022

In the triple threat match, Kate pinned Madi with a spinning high kick. Kate was defeated with a double underhook DDT executed by Markova. Markova was awarded a crown as the prize.


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