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Karen BamBam: The Hottest Heavyweight

When it comes to putting on a show and pulling it off gracefully, my girl Ms. Bam Bam is the Queen. Because I am a huge admirer of Karen’s, I’m going to ramble on and on about her here. It’s been a thrill for me to get a glimpse of her on stage and speak with her afterward. I believe she should be included in a lot more commercials to further display her striking personal style and individuality.

She made her professional wrestling debut in February 2018 in the Bronx, New York. Johnny Rodz and the T2T Wrestling Academy taught her. Bam Bam Bigelow and Bull Nakano were among the artists who had influenced her. Agility was something she aspired to add into her performances, and she succeeds admirably in doing so.

She began her career in wrestling a little later than the majority of other wrestlers. She admitted to me in an interview that as a youngster, she was more realistic and didn’t daydream as much. After watching NXT, she stated she was inspired and decided to pursue a career in wrestling after doing some study.

They have held both the Test of Strength and the Victory Pro Wrestling (VPW Women’s) Championships. On top of being a hoot in the ring, she enjoys tarot, meditation, and crocheting. She infuses all she does with sass, fabulism, and ferocity.

I hope that Karen will be able to participate in any wrestling promotion that allows her to display her talents on a larger stage. She should be praised for her willingness to compete against both men and women and for the unique perspective she brings to the arena. I’m eagerly anticipating Karen’s next move.

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