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Kick First, Ask Questions Later: MLW's Featherweight Champ Janai Kai

Pro wrestler and martial artist, Janai Kai aka The Kick Demon started her wrestling career in 2017.

She has wrestled for several wrestling promotions such as Game Changer Wrestling and Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling.

Kai’s debut on MLW in 2023 put everyone on notice when she dethroned Delmi Exo to become the new MLW Women’s Featherweight Champion.

Being managed by the “Empresaria of Lucha,” Salina de la Renta has proven to be a great choice for Kai.

There are a few things for sure, Kai's kicks are deadly and this is only the beginning for her.

Make sure you tap in and show her some love.

Check out our latest interview with Janai Kai:

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