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Kiera Hogan: NWA #1 Contender for Women’s Title

The obstacle was a four-way match between Jennacide, Kenzie Page, Christi Jaynes, and Kiera Hogan. The victor of this fight will be able to compete for the NWA Women’s Championship against the current champion, Kamille. Since June of 2021, Kamille has held the belt. With this bout, NWA believed it was time for a new face to fight for the contender position.

As much as this piece is focused on praising Kiera Hogan on her triumph, an interview with Melina set the tone for the night. Melina told May Valentine that she shouldn’t have to prove herself after 20 years in the profession. It’s useless for her to fight against the top competitors when she should always be one of them. She was correct, as she was not competing in the contenders match. Even though the interview was entertaining, most were more interested in chatting about the match.

All four wrestlers were fully prepared when the contest began. Throughout the contest, each of the four women gave their all. The fast-paced rivalry aroused the audience’s interest. When it came down to it, Hogan and Jaynes squared up in the ring, with everyone else watching from the sidelines. As she was lifted onto Jaynes’ shoulders, Hogan appeared to be going for Jaynes’ finisher, but she was able to escape and perform her own finisher, Face the Music, and pin with a bridge to win.

Although the precise date for Kiera Hogan and Kamille’s battle has yet to be confirmed, we can be certain that the entire globe will be following social media with anticipation. Kiera is slated to face Jordynne Grace for the IMPACT Digital Media title at TERMINUS on January 16, 2022. Is there any way Kiera can make the best of her situation? We’ll have to wait and see what happens.


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