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Lana Star & Penelope Pink Talk Importance Of WOW Wrestling

WOW Superheroes have re-introduced and established what makes them stand apart from other promotions. They are an all-women’s promotion dedicated to showing women in different styles, different gimmicks, and colorful personalities.

Two women who have been making a splash on TV over the last few months is Lana Star and Penelope Pink. Two women of the faction called The Fab Four. This faction has been dominating in all aspects of the ring.

Lana Star was born in Hollywood and just as the name says, has been living in the lap of luxury and expect that in all aspects of her life. Even in wrestling. Lana is a model, actress, and former WOW World Champion, being the longest reigning champion there. Lana prefers to manage now. She manages The Fab Four who consist of Penelope Pink, Miami’s Sweet Heat, and Vickie Lynn McCoy.

Penelope Pink is a woman from Detroit, with lots of toughness and attitude to the wrestling ring. Penelope’s competitiveness went from high school all the way into the world of wrestling where she caught Lana’s attention. Branded in all pink, Penelope has shown that you can be a badass, and a fashionista rolled into one.

I was able to sit down with both of these ladies recently and talk about some of what they have been doing with WOW superheroes. They both had much to say.

When asked about the importance of what WOW Wrestling is doing with women’s wrestling, here is what Penelope Pink had to say?

“It’s absolutely an amazing experience because not only are we given this incredible platform, but we also have been given advice by women like Selina Majors, like AJ, who have been through different experiences than us, you know. Some negative, some positive. And, you know, stories and all women coming from different walks of life, you know, we’re all learning from each other, and kind of taking experiences from everyone’s journey, and kind of projecting them out there and getting the opportunity to show women that. Like we said before, we can break that glass ceiling.

We can be a main event, not just because we’re women. Because we’re talented. Because we’re great athletes. Because we’re great storytellers. And we’re going to show you why we are main eventers. And we’re just so lucky that David McLane and Jeanie Buss and they’ve been giving us this opportunity. And now starting on March 1st, we’re now on Pluto, redoing the whole first season and the last season. And people get to catch up with us if they’ve missed anything. And it’s really cool just to see the stories from all the girls and seeing how far we’ve come even since September.”

Both of these fabulous women are a part of the faction called The Fab Four. Here is what they both had to say about the dynamics of the group.


“That’s an excellent and interesting question, because everybody in our faction has super strong personalities. And it just works. I don’t know who to, you know, if it’s just the up above giving us this, but it works. Like, we get along fabulously. And you know, we all hang out. And we’re good friends. And I think that makes the teamwork really, really strong. And since each girl has their own things, they do too. We don’t get sick of each other. So, it’s just like, it’s perfect. It’s like a well-oiled machine. The Fab Four is a well-oiled machine. Do you agree, Penelope?”


“I do. I like to compare it to different flavors of ice cream. We’re all going to bring something different to the table. And we’re all going to have something different for people to latch on to. Like with Miami’s Sweet Heat, they’re sisters. They kind of have like… that twin telepathy. They can totally know what each other’s thinking. And like you said, we got the great enforcer, Vicki, who’s just going to be out there handling all of our problems for us, which is fabulous.

And then I like to think that I can throw caution to the wind. So, I can ground and pound. I can be a utility player. I got all of that. Also, I got the belt. You know what I mean. I got all of my tricks up my sleeve. And then we’re managed by the fabulous Lana Star that gives us the best advice and deals. You know, she’s in the dealings with David McLean and making sure that we’re showcased in the way we shouldn’t be. So, it’s the perfect mix.”

Penelope Pink is the current WOW World Champion and her faction mates; Miami’s Sweet Heat are the current tag champions. Penelope and Miami’s Sweet Heat won the titles at LA Comic Con. The Fab Four continue to show their dominance and their takeover of WOW Superheroes.


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