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Layla El

The $250,000 WWE Diva Search tournament in 2006 was Layla’s first exposure to pro wrestling. She was chosen from a pool of candidates during a casting call her victory on SmackDown! On July 14 earned her a week’s worth of “immunity” as she leaped over many tires in the tire hop part and did a split at the finish line. This time, she performed like a police officer and won the “Diva Search Talent Show” on SmackDown! On August 16th, she won Diva Search. With other divas, she made her first “official” WWE debut backstage at SummerSlam 2006.

“It was all in fun,” they said afterwards, adding that the other ladies had tormented and humiliated her before disclosing it was all in good fun. In the showers, they laughed and spanked her while she was completely dressed. She made her SmackDown! debut in an interview with Mike “The Miz” Mizanin the week following SummerSlam, however he didn’t let her speak much, instead focusing on himself. On the 22nd edition of SmackDown! She confronted both Kristal and Jillian Hall.

To establish Extreme Exposé, Layla, Brooke, and Kelly Kelly joined Layla on January 23, 2007. For many months, the group would appear on ECW in a weekly dance routine choreographed by Layla A storyline involving all three members of Extreme Exposé was created when The Miz joined the company in June of 2007. Layla, Brooke, and Miz criticized Kelly as she turned her attention to ECW great Balls Mahoney. Brooke was released from her WWE contract on November 1st, and Extreme Exposé disbanded. In the meantime, Layla became a villain and began a feud with Kelly that saw both women take more prominent positions in the During Survivor Series, Layla’s team lost a 10-Diva tag team match. As of January 2008, Layla had established an alliance with Victoria, and the three were feuding with Kelly. The Divas’ lumberjill bout featured Layla in WrestleMania XXIV. She won a six-on-six Divas match at the Backlash pay-per-view the following month.

She was chosen to SmackDown in the 2009 Supplemental Draft on April 15, 2009. Then she lost a bout against Eve Torres on SmackDown on May 29th. Torres and Layla exchanged hands after Torres beat Layla again on WWE Superstars on June 18. Team Lay-Cool was created by Layla and Michelle McCool. When Team Lay-Cool started mocking Mickie James’ weight and threatening to boot her from SmackDown, the response was swift.

Her squad fell against James’ in the 2009 Survivor Series. To assist McCool retain the WWE Women’s Championship, Layla interfered in their match at TLC: Tables, Ladders, & Chairs. A fat outfit insulting Layla before the title match between McCool and James backfired when James assaulted Layla and used that as a diversion to rapidly beat McCool to capture the championship in January 2010, at the Royal Rumble. This came after James inadvertently embarrassed Official SmackDown Consultant Vickie Guerrero backstage on SmackDown on February 12. Assisting and meddling in the matches of the Lay-Cool alliance. To win an inter-brand Divas tag team match at the Elimination Chamber, Layla and McCool beat Gail Kim and Maryse of Raw. In a 10-Diva tag team bout at WrestleMania XXVI, she was victorious.

Beth Phoenix, the WWE Women’s Champion, was handicapped on SmackDown on May 14. To win the Women’s Championship for the first time, Layla pinned Phoenix, becoming the first British female champion. In addition, she is the inaugural Diva Search champ. Couples counseling was included in a series of vignettes after Lay-Cool lost the Divas Championship. He assaulted Layla during a storyline therapy session on SmackDown on April 22nd. On April 25, 2011, Layla lost a bout against Eve and was assaulted by McCool afterward, but she fought her off and won the match. A double count out finished their bout on SmackDown on April 29. To resolve this, the two competed in a singles match on May 1st called Extreme Rules, which Layla won. As her contract with WWE was about to expire, Layla stated she had suffered a knee injury on SmackDown on May 13. Anterior cruciate and medial collateral ligaments were verified damaged later that month.

Due to her jealously of Kaitlyn, Layla started to become evil when she won the Divas Championship and retained it in the Elimination Chamber Layla and Kaitlyn defeated Aksana and Tamina on SmackDown on February 22. She clutched Kaitlyn’s title during their entrance and after the match. When Layla reverted her “Samoan Drop” into a roll-up, she beat Tamina on Superstars March 7. This caused Layla to lose the match the next night on SmackDown when she distracted Kaitlyn during her bout against Tamina Snuka. It was Layla tagging in to pin Aksana after she was attacked by Kaitlyn’s spear on SmackDown on March 15. When Layla was supposed to turn heel and face Kaitlyn for the Divas Championship at WrestleMania 29, the plan was scrapped. With the Divas Championship up for grabs, Layla discussed turning heel in an interview on April 7.

It was announced on April 22nd that Layla will face AJ Lee for the Divas Championship. Layla beat Aksana in singles on SmackDown on April 26th. She returned to console Kaitlyn following her defeat to AJ Lee on Payback. This led to Kaitlyn assaulting AJ Lee, while Layla and the Divas giggled. When Big E. Langston revealed Kaitlyn’s hidden admirer on the June 24th broadcast of Raw, she accompanied her again. When Kaitlyn challenged Lee for the Divas Championship at Money in the Bank, Layla accompanied Kaitlyn.

Layla had surgery for an unidentified injury in January 2015. On Main Event on April 18, she beat Emma again. In an exclusive interview on July 29, 2015, WWE revealed Layla’s retirement.

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