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Mandy Leon’s Last ROH TV Tapings

Long-standing ROH roster member Mandy Leon used her YouTube channel to capture a very bittersweet time for her. She decided to show her experience filming the last ROH TV tapings.

As soon as the video starts, Mandy is sitting in her car outside of the famous ROH Dojo, and you can see her heart is a little broken, knowing that this may be the very last time that the roster is altogether. She admitted that she barely got any sleep the night before, and for a second, it seemed like she was getting a bit choked up.

Mandy shows moments of the fun and boyish humor of Matt Taven and Dalton Castle as they play with their wrestling brawlers dolls and make shadow puppets on the walls.

The festive Christmas TV taping set and the laughter filling the room allow you to forget that this is the last gathering of this wrestling family, at least that we know of at the moment.

The women’s locker room is just as joyous and childlike as the women are all huddled around the big mirror to apply makeup. Holidead and Ashley Vox shared the same chair and huddled up like best friends.

Footage from the control room captures the different matches being taped, like Trish Adora vs. Janai Kai. Even the refs and ring announcers are making sure that the emotions in the room are light and magical by belting out a rendition of the Laverne and Shirley theme song while doing the Radio City Rockettes high kicks on the ring apron.

Mandy Leon taped one of her most essential matches in this video as she went against Willow Nightingale in a number one contender match for the ROH women’s championship.

After the match, the women gathered to take a group photo on the entrance ramp but made time to fool around and mess with a few people before the camera flashed.

Mandy continued to show her extraordinary optimism and hope that ROH could return and she could pick up where she left off. I know that I’m crossing my fingers and praying that ROH could come back stronger.

A few roster members decided to chill out at a restaurant to unwind and turn up before they all went back to their respective lives in different parts of the country.

Hey, I’m sure that they thought that if this is the end, then why not have the time of our lives!

Seeing the different photographs, footage, and Mandy’s clear emotions when talking about the last ROH tapings got me in my feelings. However, I’m still going to keep hope alive that this is not the end for the company I love dearly.

However, if it is the end, show your support and gratitude for what the women’s division has done this year and check out Final Battle: End of an Era on December 11 at 7 pm on Honor Club or FITE TV.

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