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Masha Slamovich Talks Preparing For Jordynne Grace, The Infamous Kill Wall & More!

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

The Salt Shakkas, Nickie Booshie and Driune Santana, sit down and have an interesting interview with Masha Slamovich. As she gears up for her match at OverDrive this Friday, they discuss her plans for Jordynne Grace. Other topics include her Monster’s Ball match with Allie Katch and getting in the ring with the men.

Preparing for Jordynne Grace

“Preparing? That would be to say that I’m not already prepared and already in one of my favorite environments, so I think the real question is Jordynne ready?”

“Facing Allie was entertaining to me. It was, like I said before, one of my favorite environments and I don’t think there was much recovery. I think there was more joy. I think that there’s pleasure in pain.”

The Infamous Kill Wall

“I would like to place every single one of the Knockouts on to that wall and I think given some time I think That will take place.”

Ending the career of Mickie James

“I thoroughly enjoy the prospect of [ending the career of Mickie James] and I mean what better opponent? There shouldn’t be any shame in losing to me so it will be A perfect…end!”

Her time in IMPACT!

“I, very much, have been enjoying my time at IMPACT! Wrestling and I’m very very thankful and happy to be around so many great minds who can give critics and opinions that I can’t get anywhere else.”

Masha Slamovich goes on to discuss the importance of intergender wrestling. In addition, she names Speedball Mike Bailey and Josh Alexander as two opponents she would like to face in the IMPACT! ring. She also names Sami Callihan as someone she would like to have a death match with.

Be sure to watch the full interview available now.


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