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Max The Impaler Wins Burke Invitational, While Kamille Retains!

NWA 74 kicked off on Saturday. At this show, the second Burke Invitational Gauntlet match was held. In last year’s first invitational, Chelsea Green won. This year, Max the Impaler won the invitational after beating nine others.

Kate went first. She climbed the ropes to the apron. Kate fell after King’s springboard knee strike. Madi was second. She self-destructed by fleeing Max. Max eliminated Tootie third. Love and Terrell were fourth and fifth. Max shattered them on the apron. Starr was eliminated by Jennacide. King and Jennacide were seventh and eighth. Markova high kicked King, and Max back broke Jennacide. Both pins are identical.

Markova and Max won. Markova remained fearless. Max slammed a crossbody. Markova’s ejection. Markova landed a powerful knee strike. Max flipped the cover. The Impaler gorilla slammed Markova after she climbed the corner. Max pinned Markova with the Wasteland backbreaker.

Max’s victory at the invitational places them at the top of the list for the NWA World Women’s Championship. On Sunday, August 28, they will challenge the champion on the second night of the competition. Champion is Kamille, who defeated Taya Valkyrie in the first night’s main event. She has reigned for 448 days as champion.

NWA Women’s World Championship: Kamille retained against Taya Valkyrie

The back-and-forth escalates the tension throughout. Taya inadvertently speared the referee, causing shenanigans. A roll-up was scored by Kamille, but the referee was unconscious. Taya successfully executed a roundhouse head kick and three curb stomps in succession. Taya seized the championship belt to strike Kamille. La Wera Loca revitalized the official.

The victory appeared inevitable. 1, 2, Kamille must leave! Kamille escaped Road to Valhalla. Two headbutts. Both women woozy. To win, Kamille used a spear to slash Taya in half as she ran forward. The locker room was cleared out of respect for the champion.

NWA 74 – Night Two Card:

  1. Pre-show – Angelina Love vs. Taryn Terrell

  2. Pretty Empowered (c) vs. The Hex – Street Fight NWA World Women’s Tag Team Titles

  3. Kamille (c) vs. Max the Impaler – NWA World Women’s Title

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